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Celsius Independent Examiner Reveals Astonishing Facts

Big Moves From Cypto Giant Binance

Bankcruptcy, Shut Down and Layoffs...

Global regulations

South African Retail Giant Accepts Bitcoin

Pick N Pay, a leading South African grocery retail giant, has started accepting Bitcoin and lightning payments at all its 1,628 outlets. Customers are expected to have a standard Bitcoin Lightning Wallet.

White House Publishes 'Roadmap' to Mitigate Crypto Risks

The roadmap calls for authorities to “ramp up enforcement where appropriate” and Congress “to step up its efforts” to regulate the crypto sector.

UK Treasury Publishes Crypto Framework Paper

The extensive 80-page document covers a broad range of topics, from the troubles of algorithmic stablecoins to nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

India Reveals IMF is Working With G-20 for Crypto Regulations

India's position on whether crypto is legal or not has been completely clear since it imposed stiff taxes in 2022 but didn't declare it as legal.

Hong Kong to Regulate Stablecoins With a Risk-Based Approach

The regulator’s decision stemmed from feedback received from a discussion paper released to the public on crypto-assets and stablecoins.

South Korea To Deploy Cryptocurrency Tracking System in 2023

The ‘Virtual Currency Tracking System’ will be used to monitor transaction history, extract information related to transactions and check the source of funds before and after remittance, according to local media outlet khgames.

Crypto weekly price action

Cryptocurrency Prices Heat Map in 7 Days, Source COIN360

Research and technology

Different Types of Zero-Knowledge Proofs

This article aims not to go in-depth from a technical, cryptographic perspective but more from an application level to expand on the differences between the major implementations of zero-knowledge proofs.

How to Build an NFT Minting Platform

Creating an NFT minting platform is a complex process that requires knowledge of smart contract development, blockchain technology, and web development. However, with the right tools and resources, it can be done.

Crypto Money Laundering Trends in 2022

Money laundering activity is highly concentrated to just a few services. Let’s look at some of the money laundering trends we saw in 2022.

Blockchain 2022 Review & What’s Next in 2023

We have selected the top 10 Blockchain events and developments of 2022, followed by our outlook for the key trends in 2023.

Fundraising and investment

Google Invests $300Mn in AI Start-Up Anthropic

Anthropic has developed an intelligent chatbot called Claude, rivalling OpenAI’s ChatGPT, though it has not yet been released publicly.

Bitcoin Miner TeraWulf Raises $32 Million

Following the deals, the company expects to achieve free cash flow. It will use the net proceeds to build out its facilities in New York and Pennsylvania and for other general purposes.

Fastex Raised $23.2 Million After Sale of Fasttoken

More than 100 game companies have already collaborated with Fastex, and FTN will be a key component in powering their GameFi offerings.

BlockJoy Secures Nearly $11 Million in Seed + Series A

The funding will be used to support the launch of BlockVisor, the company’s patented node management software, which is now open for beta sign-ups.

Blockchain Security Firm Sec3 Raises $10 Million in Seed Funding

Multicoin Capital led the round, with Sanctor Capital and Essence VC participating. Several angel investors, including Santiago Santos, a former ParaFi Capital partner, and Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana, also joined the round.

Viral Quotes

“A cryptocurrency is not a currency, not a commodity, and not a security. Instead, it’s a gambling contract with nearly 100% edge for the house

— Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s business partner 

We are in a world in which money as we know it is in jeopardy. We are printing too much, and it's not just the United States, it is all the reserve currencies.”

— Ray Dalio,  Billionaire investor

“Apple had a problem with crypto from day one. They thought it was a Ponzi scheme”

— Phillip Shoemaker, Ex-App Store Director

People living in emerging markets with hyperinflation need a fall back option and an insurance policy. They need Bitcoin

—  Cathie Wood, Founder of ARKinvest

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