CoinTime Demo Day: The Roadshow Bringing Together Top Investors and Web3 Startups

On the last day of January 2023, Cointime Demo Day will officially debut through Twitter Space in the wave of bull market rejuvenation.

Why We Lead Invest in Elven?

ABCDE has led the investment in Elven in the Seed round, followed by Eastern Bell Capital. Elven is a Web3 automatical financial reporting platform to generate transparent, compliant and auditable financial statements.

Elon Musk Wants Twitter Payments System Built With Crypto in Mind

Bringing payments to the social media platform — forming part of Musk’s stated plan to make Twitter an “everything app.”


Sorare Bags $150 Million Multi-year NFT Deal With Premier League

The English Premier League has sealed a four-year partnership with Sorare to sell nonfungible tokens (NFTs) from member clubs.

Top DeFi Dapps To Watch Out for in 2023

Which top DeFi projects are ready to make it big in 2023? The market has had a volatile year, but amidst the challenges many DeFi projects have launched more diverse products to fulfill the increasing needs of different DeFi users. In this article, we introduce the DeFi projects with a strong user base and high revenue in the recent past. And they have the potential to continue this positive trend in the next year.

Crypto Money Laundering: Four Exchange Deposit Addresses Received Over $1 Billion in Illicit Funds in 2022

Money laundering in cryptocurrency typically involves two types of on-chain entities and services. Let’s look at some of the money laundering trends we saw in 2022.

Web3 Trends 2023

A&T Capital launches the 'Web3 Trends 2023' report and delves into the six trends that will shape the future of the Web3.0 era.

What Is Real Yield in DeFi?

With high APYs abundant in the DeFi space, how does one estimate the true value of projects and their interest-generating potential? One option is to look at a project's crypto real yield.

Viewing Bitcoin’s Price in the Lens of Macro Liquidity Modelling

Bitcoin, being a risky asset, together with other major cryptos, are significantly affected by the contraction and expansion of macro liquidity. This analysis views Bitcoin in the lens of macro liquidity modelling and debunks the major driving forces behind Bitcoin and cryptos.

Chain Insights —Porsche’s Missed Opportunity With NFTs and How WEB2 Brands Can Avoid Oversight

While most brands tend to research their target audience and explore the culture, Porsche was met with harsh criticism for doing the exact opposite.

Ransomware Revenue Down As More Victims Refuse to Pay

2022 was an impactful year in the fight against ransomware. Ransomware attackers extorted at least $456.8 million from victims in 2022, down from $765.6 million the year before.

What is Flare Network - Rating & Analysis

$XRP holders have finally received an airdrop from Flare Network after two years. So what is Flare Network? Why is it giving out airdrops to $XRP holders? Let's find out.

Top Assets of the AI Narrative

The release of ChatGPT into an open test version allowed everyone to use AI for their own purposes and needs. Let’s see the most effective and promising AI projects!

How to Find Crypto Gems

Step-by-Step Guide for Spotting the Next Crypto Gem

Cybersecurity: Medieval Witchcraft, Chimeras and the Hound of Hades

Having your own trust architecture is much better than relying on someone else’s, as it is one of the most fundamental parts of our data infrastructure.

How to Profit off a Bear Market Rally

Notice the sentiment, pay attention to the funding rates, hop on/off out of trades and be flexible. All the while, don’t forget to manage the risk.

Top Metaverse Virtual Worlds for 2023

A list of metaverse worlds that will reshape the way we interact with the internet and information

Does the World Really Need a Global Currency?

Bitcoin is the perfect global money in a world that needs an international currency that is trustless, digital, and neutral.