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Celsius Claims Trading Goes Live on OPNX

OPNX has announced that Celsius claims trading is now live on their public orderbook. Celsius users can now onboard and tokenize their claims, unlocking frozen capital and either sell them directly into crypto, use them as futures collateral, or hodl claims tokens to use anytime.

OPNX Announces New Exchange Token Model and Affiliate Program

OPNX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the upcoming rollout of several new features. First, they will introduce a new exchange token model that aims to solve historical alignment problems between users and exchanges by making traders stakeholder partners.

Bankrupt Crypto Company Celsius Could Get New Life From Wall Street

Wall Street heavyweights Apollo Global Management and Fortress Investment Group are competing to buy bankrupt cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network. Each group is proposing to invest around $50 million to help restart Celsius under new management, with the aim of resuming some operations as a publicly traded company owned mostly by its creditors. The competition for Celsius could mean a higher payout to its creditors, including hundreds of thousands of customers who deposited their crypto with the company. Both groups are focused on increasing Celsius's crypto-mining business and processing and verifying transactions using customers' crypto holdings, but neither plans to immediately restart Celsius’s consumer lending business.

Eligible Celsius Users Can Withdraw All ‘Distributable Custody Assets’ Following Court Approval

Celsius said following court approval, eligible users would be able to withdraw the remaining 6% of Distributable Custody Assets from the platform. Until January, the same users, largely those who only ever held funds in custody accounts, had been limited to withdrawing up to 94% of their funds.

Celsius Network Allows Full Withdrawal of Custody Assets for Eligible Users

The Custody Assets in question include pure custody and transferred custody below $7,575 at the time of transfer.

Former Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky Files Defense Motion in Response to NYAG’s Complaint

Celsius Network founder Alex Mashinsky – who was accused of defrauding investors out of billions of dollars in crypto by concealing the failing health of his now-bankrupt lending platform – has filed a response seeking to dismiss the New York State complaint against him.

Celsius Creditors Demand Transparency on ‘Suspicious’ FTX Transactions

Creditors of Celsius Network are seeking permission from a bankruptcy judge to issue subpoenas to FTX, as they suspect that some FTX users may have engaged in suspicious trades that manipulated the price of Celsius' CEL token between April and August 2022. The creditors believe that the information from FTX will help them determine whether the trades were legitimate or constituted market manipulation. The committee representing Celsius Network's creditors has requested information on users associated with ten cryptocurrency wallets allegedly involved in suspicious trades and any short positions taken on CEL. The information is crucial in determining whether the trades involving CEL were intended to inflate its price artificially and could be critical to resolving a dispute related to Celsius' bankruptcy. Meanwhile, FTX has entered into a purchase agreement to sell LedgerX, its futures and options exchange and clearinghouse, for approximately $50 million.

Auction of Celsius Network’s Assets Has Been Adjourned Until Tomorrow

April 26 (Cointime) -  The official committee of unsecured creditors for Celsius has announced that the auction of Celsius Network’s assets has been adjourned until tomorrow.   

Gemini, Coinbase Among Bidders for Celsius Network's Assets in Upcoming Auction

Crypto exchanges Gemini and Coinbase are among the bidders for bankrupt crypto lender Celsius Network's assets in an auction scheduled for April 25 in New York. Two consortiums, Fahrenheit and the Blockchain Recovery Investment Committee, are also participating in the bids. NovaWulf Digital Management, the Stalking Horse Bidder, is also disputing the assets with a proposal that includes a cash contribution of $45 million to $55 million and the creation of a new public platform fully owned by Celsius creditors.

Kingdom of Bhutan Secretly Invests Millions in Bitcoin

Bhutan's national investment arm, Druk Holding & Investments, has been revealed to have secretly invested millions of dollars in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through insolvent crypto lenders BlockFi and Celsius, according to court records. Druk had withdrawn over $65 million and deposited approximately $18 million in digital assets over the course of three months covered by the Celsius filing. BlockFi has accused Druk of failing to return a $30 million loan, even after the lender liquidated collateral of 1,888 Bitcoin. If confirmed, this would be an unusual move for Druk, which is supposed to encourage domestic business projects. In 2021, Bhutan's central bank, the Royal Monetary Authority, collaborated with Ripple on a pilot project for a CBDC solution.