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Bitstamp Follows Other Exchanges in Canceling Orders for FTX and Celsius Tokens

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Bitstamp is set to disable new orders and cancel existing orders for all FTT and CEL trading pairs, it announced on Friday.

The move comes after many other exchanges in the crypto world have already started prohibiting users from trading FTT: Binance removed the FTT/BTC, FTT/BNB, FTT/ETH and FTT/USDT trading pairs from its platform earlier this week, while BitMex delisted perpetual swap contracts linked to FTT (FTT/USD and FTT/USDT) at the end of last week. 

Withdrawals of FTT and CEL will remain enabled on Bitstamp after the deadline, but selling will be disabled on November 22 at 7 am EST. If you want to sell FTT/CEL on Bitstamp, you’ll have to do it before the deadline.

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