Moledao: Connect Blockchain Enthusiasts, Nuggets the Web3 World

Moledao is a community leadership organization supported by BYBIT, established in August 2021. All blockchain enthusiasts can learn about the latest developments in the industry at Moledao. With the help of experienced pioneers and innovators, Moledao hopes to build a community that connects and nurtures start-up entrepreneurs in the crypto space, promoting joint efforts to build a Web 3 ecosystem.

AI Meta Club: Transforming the Metaverse Landscape with AIGC Technology

AI Meta Club is a DAO platform that seeks to redefine our interactions, work, and entertainment within the digital realm by harnessing the power of AI and blockchain technology.

BitDAO Merges with Mantle to Establish DAO-led Web3 Ecosystem

BitDAO, the world's largest DAO by treasury size, has partnered with Mantle, a high-performance modular L2 blockchain built on Ethereum, to create a DAO-led web3 ecosystem called the Mantle Ecosystem.

The Evolution of AirDAO: Embracing Decentralization and Empowering Community Governance

AirDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that manages the Ambrosus Blockchain (AMB-Net) and its suite of dApps.

Web3 Builder Hub Daily: AirDAO Appears on Cointime on May 20th

Web3 Builder Hub Daily: Saturday UTC+8 1:00 pm

Ambition Made to Counteract Ambition: DAO Governance and Bicameralism

Lido's dual governance proposal and what DAOs can learn from constitutional engineering

Researchers Propose New Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Voting Scheme Combining Best Features of Existing Methods

Researchers at the Singapore University of Social Sciences have evaluated existing decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) voting schemes and found that a new paradigm combining the best features of each would be more efficient than the current popular voting schemes. The team's paper, "Voting Schemes in DAO Governance," analyzes eight current techniques for DAO governance and assesses their perceived strengths and weaknesses.

Bright Moments Transports Live NFT Art Minting Experience to Tokyo

Bright Moments, the DAO-driven roving NFT art festival, has arrived in Tokyo, offering attendees a live experience of minting generative Ethereum NFT artwork. The festival spans multiple locations, three different digital art collections, and dozens of notable artists. The centerpiece is a custom arcade game cabinet that allows up to 1,000 attendees to mint a CryptoTokyoite, one of 10,000 total pixel avatars serving as membership passes to the Bright Moments DAO. The venue also offers a Suntory bar, an AI booth, and a vending machine paired with a contraption that shoots out fog rings. The event hosts a Japanese Contemporary collection and the AI Art Collection, featuring new works from 11 artists producing AI-assisted artwork. Bright Moments has previously been held in New York, London, and Mexico City, and the festival will travel to Buenos Aires in October before returning to Venice Beach next year.

Human Become a "Teacher" for ChatGPT to Earn Rewards

PublicAI is a decentralized marketplace focusing on AI data annotations, leverages blockchain technology to deliver a trustless and cross-border labor market being strategically incentivized by crypto economics and having instant cross-nation payment settlements.

Can Legal Dangers of DAOs Destroy Your Dreams of Decentralization?

Find out the legal dangers of DAOs, and how to stay on the right side of the law while balancing Innovation and compliance in decentralized organizations.