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What Metaverse Projects Are Being Built on Cardano?

Upstream· 4 min read

The Metaverse. Where ever you turn. What ever you read or listen to at the moment, you can’t escape it. It’s every where, and it hasn’t even begun to get started yet. The names you’ve probably heard associated with the Metaverse so far are Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Enjin. These are all projects leading the way in the Metaverse space so far.

But what about Cardano I hear you say. What projects, if any, are there on the Cardano blockchain? Well today we will highlight and talk about the best upcoming Metaverse projects in the works and that have huge potential, that the #ADAgang can get excited about and will hopefully lead to some tasty gains for the ADA we all hold.


The first “GameFi” project that we’ll talk about today is a game that has been getting a bit of attention recently, and for good reason, Cornucopias.

Cornucopias is a massive Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn, and Learn-To-Earn game on which players can own land & properties, and also own or rewarded with NFTS that can be used in game, but also hold a real world value.

‘The Island’, as it is known, is spilt into zones such as ‘farm life’ or ‘Age of the Samurai’ where players can play a series of different mini games to earn rewards or points.

Players can also design and create their own in games items as ‘blueprints’ and then sold onto other players. They can then gather the materials required to build and mint them as NFTS (which have a real world value). They can then use these items in game, or choose to sell them on again.

Built on the unreal 5 gaming engine, making it compatible with PC, Smart phones & TV’s and even games consoles. The $COPI token will be the currency driving the in game economy and can be used to buy NFTS of land, characters & game assets. $COPI has a total supply 3.8 billion coins, however, only 4.3% of that total supply (163 million) and can only be purchased on PancakeSwap at the current time.

Looking at their roadmap they currently working on their original NFT release alongside their website marketplace & shop. With 2022 set to be an exciting year with the launch of the full desktop version coming in Q4 this is a Metaverse project we will definitely be keeping a close eye on in the near future.


Next up we an exciting and community driven project known as Pavia.

Named after the home town of Gerolamo Cardano, the mathematician whom the Cardano blockchain is named after this project is still in early days of development, although with already 10,000 land owners in this Metaverse it is moving fast and doesn’t look like slowing down.

They recently updated their website to say that the 3rd round of land sales, which will take Pavia to 100,00 land parcels, will be “coming soon” in 2022.

$PAVIA is the utility token for their Metaverse and is currently tradable on both Museliswap and Sundaeswap. 25% of the 2 billion total $PAVIA supply was airdropped to existing landowners in December of 2021 as a thank you for their commitment to the project. A further 25% is used to add liquidity and utility as the project expands with another 30% being used for running and development costs. The last 20% will be distributed amongst the team on a predetermined vesting schedule.

The team seem particularly community driven and are openly discouraging the quick sell on of any land parcels that may have been acquired in the first 2 rounds land sales. The map is already partially visible on their website and I encourage anyone interested to swing by and have a gander.

Special mentions

These two projects are by far and away the most advanced in terms of their development and roadmap. There other Metaverse projects in the very early stages of development on the Cardano blockchain and you can check them out here on, a few just to mention are that looks like it has some serious potential.

Another project we wanted to give a shout-out to is a very cool looking NFT card game called This is a turn based, strategy card game that currently has two main modes in development; Classic chess and a Battle Royal 👀. Boosting some super cool looking CNFTs with hero’s like ADA and YOROI (where have I heard that name before) and the launch of their CNFT market place coming soon, this is definitely a project worth keeping an eye on.

Lastly, A CNFT project that looks very immersive is Adania. They have their own series of NFT’s called Adania Adventurers & these NFT’s can be used in the various games they want to release such as Adania Cards and Adania Dungeoncrawler. Adania Adventurers are currently minting and you find out more on their website

That’s all we have time for today guys & gals, and again, please hop on over to to check out all the upcoming NFT projects on Cardano and see which ones you want to get involved in.

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