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Melos : Web 3.0, music collaboration platform for music creators and fans

Cointime Staff· 5 min read

Melos Studio, the destination for creating, discovering and collecting original music on web3.The core vision of Melos is to create an ecosystem in which all fans of music can participate in the creation process and be rewarded for their efforts. From the casual music fan to the seasoned musician/producer, the Melos platform offers tools and features to take not only music enjoyment but NFTs to the next level.

With over 1M users and quickly growing, Melos is a decentralized Web 3.0, music collaboration platform for music creators and fans. Accessible on the ETH, BSC and FLOW blockchains, Melos offers a unique, create-to-earn, music ecosystem that provides a plethora of tools and features, allowing for the creation of ‘one-of-one’ works of art. These unique tools also give fans the ability to collaborate with their favorite artists—taking NFTs to the next level.

Investors and backers Melos are backed by some of the best leaders in the industry, including Binance Labs and Dapper Labs.

The Musicblocks collection is vast and varied, from a simple guitar riff to a vocal sample or even a complete song created by a Melos member. The DNA Tree will represent the creative chain that ties Musicblocks together and in turn also represent the possible profit flows to each NFT contributor along the chain.As an example of how the NFT creation process works and how stage of the NFT chain is rewarded for their efforts and contribution: 

1、Pianist Aditi mints a piano tune as G0 NFT

2、Bob sees the NFT and likes the tune, and adds his guitar riff to it and mints piano+guitar G1 NFT

3、Camilia comes across the G1 piano/guitar NFT and adds his vocal chorus to it to mint piano/guitar/vocal G2 NFT

A few key takeaways from the Melos Musicblock system

1、NFTs as an interactive collectible vs just a static item to buy/sell. Users can add/create value to an individual NFT and value chain, like musicians adding or remixing a tune or song.

2、New relationships between fans, musicians, and producers as everyone now has access to a vast pool of musical elements to collect, be inspired by and build upon. 

3、A new transparent and democratic create-to-earn ecosystem for music. Both originators and collaborators are rewarded every step of the way and the entire process is clearly documented on the Flow blockchain and Web 3.0.

Applications and features

Melos provides various applications and features for music artists and web3 users, including marketplaces to discovering, collecting and trading music NFTs, music NFT playlists, AI music creation and more.

1Metis AI is build for music newbies to experience music creation. Users only need to enter a few key notes and the AI will complete the rest of the song. The song can then be saved on the cloud and mint as NFT to list in the marketplace.

2Sonus Web3 pfp fans can upgrade their graphical NFT and add music with Sonus. Indie musicians can input suitable music stems or loops into Sonus and generate thousands of music pieces with the same style to match their graphic NFTs. This is also a tool to cooperate with other web3 projects who want to have music for their graphics.

(3)Virtual Band ( to be launched in mid-Oct 2022 ) is the very core product of Melos. It will allow musicians to collaborate on a music piece with one another on a web browser. It also includes notes taking, & meeting tools.

4Marketplace Certified arts can launch their music NFTs and list here for their fans to discover and collect. There is a lazy mint where artists can list their NFTs without paying for the gas fee and mint only when there is a confirmed sale. NFT trading history is also displayed in each of the NFT pages.

5Melos Idol, SOW and artist homepages Melos is the home of all music artists and having their own NFT home page is essential. History of their NFT drops and other activities are presented here.Selected artists can launch their curated music NFT sales and host events with Melos such as listening parties, podcasts and cross promotion with other web3 projects. This increases branding for our indie and emerging artists.

6Web3 Finance on, further web3 finance features are enabled. Holders can stake and mine melos tokens with selected music NFTs

7Melos DAO the future of music is decentralized, and Melos is building the path towards this future. In Melos DAO, token holders can join discussions, make proposals, cast votes and participate in governance of Melos web3 music ecosystem.

Core Members

Co-founders, Yalu and Jim both worked in various fields of music and blockchain industry. They came to realize that there are many music inspirations that never got a chance to be released. Melos to allow these musical pieces to be seen in public and give a chance to get others collaborate in Github style through blockchain.Vera is experienced in marketing and is a part time singer. Leo is also a very experienced developer. We all share the same passion for music on web3.0.

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