Origamasks: Facing Difficulties with Childlike Courage

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When children encounter difficulties in life, they turn to origami to soothe their pain. They dream of sitting on a paper boat, floating in the vast sea. The paper boat takes them to an island—the Origami Island. Children can stay on the island for as long as they wish until they decide to return to their world. When they wake up from the dream, it signifies that the child has found the courage to face challenges.

Inspired by this vision, Origamasks was born. Origamasks is a 3D art NFT featuring the image of a mischievous child, created by a team from Indonesia who dedicated 1152 hours to its development. This energetic team from Indonesia independently designed the character of a masked child to be part of the creative process. Their goal is to help more individuals from traditional industries enter the Web3 domain and provide a comprehensive "end-to-end" service by constructing the entire project logic from "0 to 1".

What is Origamasks?

Origamasks currently has over 1400 holders and has released its first generation of NFTs with a total supply of 5000. Initially, they were minted at a price of 0.05 ETH, which was later adjusted to $3 based on market conditions. The subsequent highest price reached was 0.15 ETH. Origamasks combines Eastern and Western concepts. The Eastern concept is derived from the art of origami, which originated in China and was later embraced by the Japanese, who considered it highly important. In ancient times, paper was precious, so the Japanese developed various folding techniques known as origami. In the Japanese language, origami encompasses the concepts of consistency, fearlessness of failure, and the pursuit of perfection. The process of origami involves observation, hands-on work, verification, and further hands-on work, requiring alignment of both thought and action. Mistakes may occur during the folding process, necessitating repeated confirmation and verification. Thus, one must not fear failure but strive for perfection.

Origamasks resembles a trendy figurine or toy. To gauge market response, the project team entered the platform Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) with a calm attitude. After more than a month, they observed that the traditional character of Origamasks attracted people, both those who buy NFTs in Web3 and those who are completely unfamiliar with crypto but become curious about Origamasks.

Outstanding Design of Origamasks

One of the unique features of the Mischievous Child series is the use of 24 color palettes. The concept of storytelling through colors is innovative and adds to the exquisite design. Currently, there are numerous 3D projects in the market, but only a few stand out. Origamasks distinguishes itself through its distinctive and rare design. In the 3D market, there are hardly any NFTs that combine a masked element with the imagery of children. The 3D+2D presentation, combined with the masks and the children's images, is highly appealing and can be appreciated by both the refined and general audience, making it easy to break through boundaries.

Through the NFT interface, we can see how the designers have paid attention to the details of the NFT page. In 3D artwork design, there are challenging aspects such as handling hair, gloss, texture, and material. The Origamasks team has executed these details exceptionally well, leaving no strand of hair overlooked. However, attention to detail is not limited to hair; it extends to the background as well. Some NFT projects depict backgrounds hastily, but in Origamasks, each background color is carefully coordinated and perfectly matched to the artwork. Additionally, the outstanding color combinations are achieved through the team's design of 24 palettes. Each series has a different color scheme, conveying unique stories, and taking the concept of "colors speak" to the extreme. Therefore, after 1152 hours of passionate design by eight talented designers, every detail of the mischievous children's characters allows viewers to experience the sincerity and touch of the artwork. Compared to projects that produce 2000 NFTs in six minutes, it is evident that Origamasks is committed to quality. This is one of the reasons why the OM community has such confidence in the mischievous children.

Creatively speaking, the masks are primarily designed based on eight animal prototypes: monkey (representing creativity), owl (wisdom), tanuki (insight), mouse (agility), elephant (intelligence), dog (empathy), parrot (thinking), and fox (inspiration). This design reinforces the qualities of the mischievous children.

In the future, Origamasks will integrate with more traditional industries. The masks, as a representation of Japanese origami art, convey a cautious and diligent attitude towards work. Through precise mapping, the representation of children embodies curiosity, exploration, disruption, and creation, which aligns well with the active participants in Web3 development today.


The Origamasks team members are all from Indonesia and are essentially divided into two teams. The core team (Co-Founders) consists of three brothers: Jon (@0xSijape), Jo (@stormwalkerz), and Joseph (@0xOzep). One brother is responsible for design, one for project management, and one for contract-related content.

The team is generally responsible for the 3D graphics. They already work on external 3D modeling projects for clients, including Netflix and renowned development and advertising companies in Indonesia.

Jon has a three or four-year-old daughter who serves as the inspiration for this project. The core philosophy of the team is to incorporate educational elements into Web3. Since the Web3 concept is relatively new, people who are just entering Web3 maintain a childlike curiosity and are learning in this innovative industry. Therefore, the team hopes that every holder approaches the project with curiosity and a mindset for learning.

The Origamasks project launched in November of last year through a FreeMint approach, and it was initially popular, with prices increasing significantly. However, the current prices are relatively low, resulting in losses in terms of profitability. However, since the team members have other jobs and professional pursuits in Web2, they do not rely on this project for their livelihoods, so they are not concerned about funding issues.

On the other hand, it also indicates that it is currently not feasible for the project to rely on substantial funding for development. Therefore, it definitely relies on community members and their resources for support. The project team is willing to undertake projects of all sizes and hopes that the art and technical expertise of the team can attract some funding in the future, utilizing the resources of the community members.

Next Phase of Origamasks' Plan

Currently, in addition to the Chinese community, Origamasks requires assistance from builders in English-speaking countries to help develop the English community. The team plans to continue promoting in both markets. For example, they have been collaborating with various communities to share and learn from the success of other communities, which also serves as a means of promotion. Additionally, the team will expand into more trendy merchandise, such as T-shirts with mischievous child themes, to increase brand visibility and product influence.

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