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Blockchain Infra Company Allnodes Joins 40WONDERS as A WEMIX3.0's NCP

Cointime Staff· 1 min read

To join forces on many fronts for the betterment of WEMIX3.0 ecosystem,Wemade announced Allnodes, a global blockchain infrastructure company, joined as a WEMIX3.0 NCP(node council partner).

Wenade recently successfully launched WEMIX3.0, its own mainnet. Allnodes joined 40WONDERS, the mainnet's NCP, and chose 7 as its identification number. NCPs can pick a unique identification number from 1 to 40.

For efficient decentralization, performance maintenance and stronger security, Allnodes will participate in node operation-related decision making.

Allnodes, with its strong development power, is participating as a leading node validator with 40K+ nodes across 65+ global blockchains such as ETH2.0, Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, Avalanche, and more.

Its partners include global crypto exchanges and OKX, and ConSensys, a company behind MetaMask.

With Allnodes and Blockdaemon, a blockchain company that joined as a NCP earlier, WEMIX3.0 is one step closer to its ecosystem's healthy growth and evolving into sustainable and open mainnet.

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