Uniswap Calls Its New NFT Aggregator a ‘Google Search’ for Trading

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Five months after acquiring NFT trading aggregator Genie and its founder Scott Gray, Uniswap is launching an NFT aggregator on its website.

“A lot of people think of NFTs and tokens as two siloed experiences, two siloed audiences,” Gray, who now works as Uniswap’s Head of NFT Product, told Decrypt in an interview. “But that’s not really the case.”

Uniswap, one of the most popular DeFi protocols for self-custodied token trades, has roughly $3.48 billion in total volume locked. Now it wants to level the NFT playing field with its aggregator. With it, users can view listings and “global floor” prices across seven different marketplaces, bulk-buy NFTs in a single transaction, and list NFTs for sale across marketplaces.

(by Kate Irwin)

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