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Polygon (MATIC) Takes Support From Its 200 EMA Curve!

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MATIC cryptocurrency is a positively biased token of the Polygon network that offers higher scalability. Using the Ethereum blockchain as the core object for expansion, Polygon has enabled a new method for scaling and governance by issuing MATIC tokens.

As a layer two solution, this crypto network is backed by the bigger players in the game, Binance, and Coinbase. The current standing of MATIC is 10th spot with a market capitalization of $7.5 billion and 87% of token liquidation.

Being a scaling solution, MATIC can implement any advanced and modern transition validation process to improve its speed and accuracy without needing to undergo a complex process and without compromising on security, scalability, and instant transaction completions.

MATIC token’s daily price action has shown hitting a plaque; after all, the bullish rally has been gradually gaining pace since the last couple of months. Such halts are necessary breaks to allow more buyers to take advantage of the probability of the next uptrend cycle. At present, the resistance of $1.31 has become a no-breach zone, but support has been extended by the 200 EMA curve moving downwards at $0.85. 

(By David Cox)

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