MistTrack Alert: BNB Bridge Exploiter Transferred $26M on FTM

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MistTrack @MistTrack_io on Twitter:

1/ After 76 days, the BNB Bridge Exploiter transferred $26M on #FTM.  

2/ The BNB Bridge Exploiter withdrew 26M $gUSDC from @GeistFinance and transferred all $USDC to a new address: 0x5ad00b0db3019e1ab09c25179e27a42e9315e050  

3/ 0x5ad0 bridged $USDC to the $ETH chain via Stargate and Multichain. After many swaps, it added liquidity to Lido: Curve Liquidity Farming Pool (10,095.12 $stETH + 6,482.11 $ETH).

4/ The BNB Bridge Exploiter used platforms: @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]

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