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Justin Sun: Will be Extremely Careful with the Future Personnel Arrangements of New Huobi

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Justin Sun, the founder of Tron and member of the Huobi Global Advisory Board, tweeted, “We are extremely cautious about the future personnel arrangements of the new Huobi ...... We will clarify the future growth focus of Huobi and listen to a wide range of opinions inside and outside Huobi, especially for each position. The actual situation has the right to speak to the people of Firecoin. We will certainly not be sloppy and careless in this major decision of personnel arrangement and fail the community’s expectations ......”

Previously, in response to reports that the CEO and CFO of Huobi had voluntarily applied to leave the company, Huobi Global responded to PANews that the executive team was performing their duties normally and that the rumors of mass layoffs on the Internet were untrue.

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