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John Deaton Slams Crypto Influencer Lark Davis For Calling XRP Value Into Question

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Attorney John Deaton, who represents XRP holders in the capacity of amicus curiae in the US Securities and Exchange Commission vs. Ripple case, has slammed crypto influencer Lark Davis for calling the value of XRP into question in a lengthy Twitter thread today.

The crypto YouTuber highlighting that JP Morgan used Polygon and Aave to conduct a cross-border transaction as part of a regulatory pilot test in Singapore questioned the need for XRP. 

In turn, Deaton, the pro-XRP attorney, called Davis’s knowledge of crypto and XRP into question. 

“…one would think that a major crypto influencer, like  @TheCryptoLark, would have a much better understanding of XRP,” Deaton wrote after pointing out that XRP has managed to remain among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap for a decade despite resistance from regulators.

According to Deaton, the better question would be if JP Morgan’s venture would compete with Ripple’s business model, again highlighting that Davis may not know the difference between XRP and Ripple. 

(By Mark Brennan)

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