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FTX Comes Clean and Admits That It Owes over $3 Billion to Its 50 Biggest Creditors

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Embattled FTX is in bankruptcy court, and a new filing has unveiled the depth of their indebtedness.

Over the weekend, FTX disclosed to the court that it owes its 50 largest creditors over $3 billion in a new filing. The court document did not reveal the names or any information of the creditor, but it showed the number of unpaid debts from FTX.

The largest of the creditors is over $226 million, while the second and third largest are just over $203 million and $174 million, respectively. A bird’s eye view of FTX’s situation shows that the exchange has over 1 million creditors, most of which are retail investors from Asia.

(by Aliyu Pokima)


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