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FTX Arm Alameda, Affiliates Have Over US$5 Billion in Liabilities

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Alameda Research and its affiliates had about US$5.1 billion in liabilities as of Sept. 30, according to a bankruptcy court filing dated Nov. 17.

Alameda Research and its affiliates hold $13.46 billion in total assets, according to the court filing. Yet, the largest and second-largest asset items are “loans receivable, related party” and “crypto assets held at fair value,” each exceeding $4 billion.

Alameda Research is a company that Sam Bankman-Fried founded before The court filing concludes Alameda is a “crypto hedge fund.” Bankman-Fried owns 90% of the company’s stake, while’s cofounder Gary Wang holds 10%, the court filing says. The court filing says the creditors of Alameda and its affiliates are distributed in the U.S., Korea, Japan, the British Virgin Islands, Antigua, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seychelles, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, Australia, Panama, Turkey and Nigeria.(forkast,NINGWEI QIN)

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