Elderly Victims of Fraud Increase by 84% in 2022, FBI Report Shows

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According to the FBI's 2022 Elder Fraud Report, there has been an 84% increase in fraud against elderly victims compared to the previous year. The most common scams are tech and customer support frauds, followed by investment fraud and cryptocurrency scams. Ohio is ranked sixth in the US for senior scams, with over 3,000 victims reporting losses to the FBI. To protect oneself, it is important to be aware of how scammers operate, avoid sending personal information or money to anyone, and keep anti-virus and malware protection up to date. For more information on scams, individuals can contact their county senior services unit or attend monthly talks hosted by Elder Scam Prevention Outreach Specialist, Dave Long. The National Elder Fraud Hotline is also available for victims of financial fraud aged 60 or older.


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