Compass Mining Wins $1.5 Million in Court Ruling Against Hosting Provider

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A judge ruled in favor of bitcoin miner Compass Mining after the company sued hosting provider Dynamics Corp in June.The company was ordered to pay a total of $1.47 million by a Delaware Court on Thursday.

Compass is unsure whether it will be able to collect that money, saying in a statement that Dynamics' "attorneys withdrew from the case for non-payment."

“It’s not over," Dynamics said in a statement to The Block. "Some paperwork was filed incorrectly but the appeal is in the works.”

The conflict between the two firms escalated in June, when Dynamics said that it had terminated a hosting agreement with Compass and accused the company of missed and late payments. The ruling comes amid tough times for miners who are facing high energy costs, low bitcoin prices and increasing difficulty in mining.

(by Catarina Moura)

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