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Buenbit Users Access Everyday DeFi From the Rootstock-Based RIF Suite

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IOV Labs and Buenbit have teamed up to provide its users access to the Rootstock as well as RIF ecosystem. Buenbit users would be able to access the services and goods from Everyday DeFi which are protected by the Bitcoin network.

In many ways, both corporations see the association as a huge advancement. The RIF Product Suite and the Rootstock Blockchain are integrated into Buenbit’s core services. Therefore, Buenbit’s end users have immediate access to secure Bitcoin-based savings, payments, and lending services without leaving their trusted Buenbit app. Utilizing the RIF Product Suite, Rootstock’s EVM-friendly and IOV Labs’ white glove support provide a fast and easy integration. Because of this extensive partnership, both businesses will be able to serve well to their customers in LATAM.

(by Mark Peterson)

# DeFi

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