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OKX Wallet Teams up with Satori to Enable Decentralized Perpetual Trading

OKX Wallet and Satori have announced an official cooperation, allowing users to connect their OKX wallet web extension to access Satori and use the decentralized perpetual product. Satori is a decentralized financial derivatives platform built on Polygon zkEVM, zkSync, and Scroll.

Is zkSync Becoming zkScam?

Millions of dollars worth of crypto has disappeared from investors' pockets in weeks from newly launched token generation events on zkSync. Read how I fell for one and tips to avoid being swindled.

LBank Joins Forces with zkSync to Foster Layer-2 Ethereum Scaling Solutions and Empower a New Generation of Decentralized Applications

LBank, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, is excited to announce its collaboration with zkSync, a Layer-2 protocol that scales Ethereum using cutting-edge zero-knowledge (ZK) technology.

zkSync Era Net Attracts Over $250 Million in Net Deposits in Just One Month

The majority of the wallets had deposits of less than $1,000, with 44.5% of them having deposits of less than $100.

iZUMi Finance Closes $22 Million Financing Round To Launch on zkSync Era

iZUMi Finance, a Liquidity-as-a-Service (LaaS) decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has made public their announcement that they have successfully completed a fundraising round totaling $22 million.

LayerZero Labs Launches on ZkSync Era Mainnet

LayerZero Labs, a blockchain infrastructure and development company, has announced that it is now live on the ZkSync Era mainnet. This marks another milestone in the growing trend of new chains joining the blockchain space.

Merlin DEX Faces Liquidity Drain as Hacker Steals $1.8 Million and Bridges Funds to Ethereum

Merlin had recently undergone a CertiK audit and launched a public sale on April 24.

zkSync Era: A Powerful Start

At the end of March, Matter Labs opened access to its main product — zkSync Era — a Layer 2 protocol that scales the Ethereum network.

Phezzan Protocol Announces New Team Takeover, Launches IDO to Secure Funds for Survival

April 23 (Cointime) - Phezzan Protocol, a DeFi protocol in the zkSync ecosystem, has announced that a new team has taken over the project from the founders, Roland and Jack, who departed voluntarily for family reasons.

Phezzan Protocol Announces New Team Takeover, Launches IDO to Secure Funds for Survival

Phezzan's survival is at risk due to a lack of operating cash flow and the builders not being paid for three months.