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Wemade To Power Its Blockchain and Gaming Services With Space and Time’s Decentralized Suite of Developer Tools

With a market valuation of US$1.4 billion, Wemade Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ:112040), one of South Korea’s top publicly traded gaming firms, has announced a strategic alliance with Space and Time (SxT), a pioneer in decentralized data warehousing. Through the cooperation, Wemade will be able to use the decentralized developer tools from Space and Time to power its blockchain and gaming services.

Wemade Announces Partnership With Space and Time to Power Blockchain and Gaming Services

Wemade Co., Ltd (KOSDAQ:112040), one of the largest publicly-listed gaming companies in South Korea with a market capitalization of US$1.4 billion, has announced a strategic partnership with Space and Time (SxT), a leader in decentralized data warehousing. The partnership will allow Wemade to power its blockchain and gaming services with Space and Time’s decentralized suite of developer tools. 

Wemade Announced a Strategic Investment in HwikGo, a Smart Mobility Service Platform Firm

The goal of the partnership is to integrate blockchain technology with smart mobility and introduce a new service that expands mobility into M2E (Move to Earn) and L2E (Live to Earn).

WEMIX Unveils WEMIX Kanvas EVM-Equivalent ZK Rollup

Blockchain-based ecosystem developer WEMIX today unveiled WEMIX Kanvas, its next-gen Ethereum Layer 2 based on EVM-Equivalent ZK Rollup - and a key component of the mega blockchain ecosystem which WEMIX is committed to building.

Wemade Partners With CertiK, A Global Blockchain Security Company

Wemade has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with CertiK, a global leader in blockchain audit and security solutions.

Wemade Unveils WeKonomy, a New Comprehensive Blockchain Project

Wemade unveiled a new project WeKonomy and its teaser website. The goal of the project is to build the global digital economy using Wemade's unique methods.

S.Korea Court To Settle MIR4 Maker Wemade, WEMIX Legal Battle

Following a court hearing on Friday, the Seoul Central District Court is expected to soon finalize its decision on an injunction that South Korean blockchain game developer Wemade Co., Ltd. filed against four major cryptocurrency exchanges after the trading platforms announced the delisting of Wemade’s native token, WEMIX, local media outlets reported.

Korean Exchanges To Delist Gaming Company Wemade’s Native Token

Wemade's native token, wemix, will be delisted from top South Korean exchanges next month, despite assurances from the gaming company about the way it has distributed the token.

Wemade's DAO & NFT Platform NILE, Signs MOU with Print Bakery

Wemade's DAO & NFT platform NILE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with Seoul Auction's popularized art brand, Print Bakery.

Blockchain Infra Company Allnodes Joins 40WONDERS as A WEMIX3.0's NCP

Wemade announced Allnodes, a global blockchain infrastructure company, joined as a WEMIX3.0 NCP(node council partner).