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DeeLance Is Set to Disrupt Web3 Recruitment – Here's How to Get in Early

Deelance is a new decentralized platform that is set to disrupt the web3 recruitment industry. The platform is designed to provide users with a range of features and tools for managing job postings and applications, and to provide greater transparency and accountability in the recruitment process. 

OKX Launches AI Integration To Monitor Market Volatility

After the latest update of the infamous artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT-4, the technology has been a buzzword inside and outside the crypto industry. While opinions on the technology may be mixed, companies continue to integrate AI to enhance their user experience.

Crypto Evening Briefing: HK SFC Chief Calls for Regulation of Crypto Platforms to Protect Investors in Web 3.0 Ecosystem

Julia Leung has stated that cryptocurrency platforms must be regulated from the perspective of investor protection, as they are part of the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Side Events Guide | Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2023

In April, there will be over 100 Web3 events concentrated in Hong Kong. With a Web3-friendly policy environment, Hong Kong has become the new utopia of the Web3 world.

Solving Web3’s Latency Problem to Unleash High-Speed dApps

Web3 is a breakthrough in computing that gives users control over their data, ownership of censor-resistant digital assets, and global access to exciting new applications. Underpinning these advances is the decentralized architecture of blockchain and oracle networks.

How Web3 Is Transforming Sports, Music And Fashion

Web3 has the potential to revolutionize the fashion, music, and sports industries in myriad ways.

nChain to Take a Strategic Stake in Tradewindow

nChain, a world leader in Web3 and enterprise blockchain technology and the developer of the BSV Protocol, today announces it has entered into a heads of agreement to take a 19.99% stake in TradeWindow (NZX: TWL), a leading international TradeTech company. The investment deal is valued at USD 7 million and nChain will also identify a new member to join TradeWindow's board of directors.

Unizen and DWF Labs Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Web3 User Experience

Unizen has announced a strategic partnership with DWF Labs, a global digital asset market maker and Web3 investment firm. The collaboration aims to enhance Unizen's mission to address the challenges faced by Web3 technology by bringing together third-party blockchain projects from various networks under one roof, using the best interoperability and aggregation frameworks available. Unizen's all-in-one toolbox provides a user-friendly interface that integrates data and Web3 applications from top blockchains, enabling users to have full control over their assets and access the best rates with ease. The platform is built upon three core pillars: the Unizen Interoperability Protocol, Unizen Liquidity Distribution Mechanism, and the Unizen Omni-Chain Data Pool. DWF Labs believes that Unizen's innovative approach to solving the challenges faced by the ecosystem aligns perfectly with its mission, and both companies are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration that drives the industry forward.

EOA Address Collects 59M ARB, Potentially Upbit's Hot Wallet: 0xScope

It is believed to be Upbit's hot wallet, which would make Upbit the second largest holder of ARB after Binance.