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Decentralized K-Pop VR Hub Dream Idols Empowers Fans to Choose Future Members

Dream Idols, the team behind Web3’s first decentralized entertainment hub, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated on-chain FanFi Election. This FaFfi Election, which is set to take place from February 23rd to March 7th, will allow the community to decide who will be the two candidates entering the C-Stage. The selection process will be entirely decentralized, with community members casting their votes on the Dream Idols DApp – FANS, using specific Dream Idols NFT assets. (ambcrypto)

U.S. Formally Ends Fight Against Meta’s Purchase of VR Content Maker

The U.S. government said on Friday it was formally ending its effort to stop Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc (META.O) from buying virtual reality (VR) content maker Within Unlimited.

Can There Be More Than One Metaverse?

With the advancement of AR, VR, blockchain, and other technologies, we will likely see exciting new virtual, borderless metaverses rising.

Meta Wins Ruling Against FTC to Move Forward With Purchase of VR Startup Within

Judge Edward Davila in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California denied an injunction by the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, as part of an effort to block Meta from purchasing VR firm Within. However, he also reportedly issued a temporary restraining order preventing Meta from closing the deal for at least a week.

Meta Overcomes Legal Hurdle in Proposed Purchase of VR Startup Within: Bloomberg

Meta is one step closer to buying virtual-reality startup Within Unlimited after a U.S. district judge denied the Federal Trade Commission’s request to block the proposed acquisition, according to Bloomberg.

Mind Control in the Metaverse

This is a form of mind control and it’s about to get much MUCH worse. I’m talking about the metaverse.

Meta VR Consultant John Carmack Leaves Company; Criticizes Inefficiencies of VR and Metaverse Projects

John Carmack, the founder of renowned company ID Software and executive consultant on VR for Meta, has announced he is leaving Meta. Among the reasons for this departure, Carmack signals that there are inefficiencies and self-sabotage at Meta that have affected the work that the company is doing regarding its VR (virtual reality) and metaverse efforts.

John Carmack Resigned From His Position As Executive Consultant for VR With Meta

"We have a ridiculous amount of people and resources, but we constantly self-sabotage and squander effort. "

Web3 and VR Gaming Studio Thirdverse Raises $15 Million in Latest Funding Round

A company making a blockchain game based on the popular 80s football manga Captain Tsubasa raised $15 million in its latest funding round.

Chinese Platforms to Test Metaverse Tech During Qatar World Cup 2022 Broadcasts

Several Chinese platforms are introducing metaverse tech in their coverage of Qatar’s 2022 soccer World Cup. The experiences, which will use virtual reality (VR) headsets and 5G as base tech, will allow the users to enjoy a metaverse-like view of the event, and will also give Chinese companies a chance to hone their implementations of this tech.