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VeChain Launches WEB3 Workshop and Micro Scholarship Program to Drive Adoption

VeChain is attempting to drive adoption of its network and has launched a WEB3 workshop and grant program to stimulate development. Despite a recent decline in development activity, VeChain has maintained a relatively stable level of social dominance and has been recognized as the top network in terms of market and social activity by LunaCrush. 

Revolutionizing Supply Chain: VeChain’s Blockchain Technology Breakthrough

The supply chain industry is one of the most critical sectors that impact the global economy.

DigiToads Predicted To Reach a $2B Market Cap by 2025, Overtaking VeChain & the Graph

In the emerging crypto market with endless options of cryptocurrency to buy, many new projects remain unknown. DigiToads, a new meme coin, is ready to become the next big thing in the competitive market alongside the greats. DigiToads shows major signs of a solid return on investments (ROI) and should outperform existing top crypto coins.

VeChain Launches Fee Delegation Feature to Eliminate VeWorld Wallet Transaction Fees

The VeChain Foundation announced in a press release that it has rolled out a new feature, named “fee delegation,” to eliminate transaction fees in its VeWorld web wallet. According to an announcement today, the fee delegation feature helps remove the need for decentralized application users to pay transaction fees. 

VeChain Partners With Boston Consulting Group, Collateral Network Presale Gets Going, While Ethereum Update Sets Date

VeChain has announced a partnership with Boston Consulting Group to provide blockchain solutions to BCG's clients. VeChain is a blockchain-as-a-service provider that offers tools and services to enterprises across multiple industries. Its platform is designed to be scalable and uses a two-token system to ensure its value is stable and predictable. Collateral Network, the world's first web3 peer-to-peer lender, has launched its presale with COLT tokens currently priced at $0.01 per token. The platform mints an NFT that represents the physical asset being used as collateral for the loan, which is then broken down into smaller segments to enable various lenders to fund individual loan segments. Ethereum's Shapella upgrade, which is set to take place on April 12, aims to streamline ETH withdrawals and fortify the consensus layer of the Ethereum Beacon Chain. Investors are optimistic that the upgrade will lead to a surge in the value of Ethereum.

Exploring the Chinese Crypto Token Narrative and Its Impact

The success of Chinese tokens will still depend on how well the teams behind these tokens can remain competitive and meet the needs of investors in China and elsewhere.

VeChain Integrates with DappRadar to Promote Cross-chain Visibility

The integration will provide dApps built on the VeChain network with much-needed visibility.

VeChain Unveils VET 3.0 Whitepaper With Special Focus on…

Blockchain protocol VeChain, in collaboration with the global management firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), has issued a whitepaper for VET 3.0.

VeChain Releases ‘Web3 for Better’ Whitepaper Outlining New Sustainable Vision

The latest VeChain whitepaper includes a roadmap for preparing the network to tackle global sustainability challenges and realize its phygital vision.