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Justin Sun Issues Apology After Sui LaunchPool Clash With Binance CEO

On May 1, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) issued a warning to Tron founder Justin Sun regarding a deposit of 56.1 million TrueUSD to Binance. 

TRON DAO Launches Podcast Interviewing Crypto Policy and Regulation Experts

TRON DAO has launched the TRON Policy Report (TPR) Podcast, which covers the latest developments in cryptocurrency regulation. Hosted by Andrew Hemingway, Policy Lead for TRON DAO, the podcast welcomes expert guests to deliver insights and analysis on the most current news and trends in crypto policy. Three episodes have already been released, covering topics such as the culture of current lawmakers, regulatory needs in the blockchain industry, and ways to add clarity and definition to existing laws for the crypto marketplace. 

TRON Academy Celebrates Milestones as Blockchain Clubs Research for Innovation

TRON Academy, the initiative focused on equipping the next generation of blockchain leaders and developers from the world’s most prestigious learning environments and universities, celebrated two milestones recently.

Arkham Partners With TRON DAO To Develop Total Crypto Intelligence

Arkham, a blockchain analytics company, has announced its collaboration with TRON DAO via Twitter, showing one more step toward its goal of ‘Total Crypto Intelligence.’ Arkham’s integration with multiple chains into a single platform will open new possibilities for on-chain research.

TRON Partners with Oraichain for AI Integration and HackaTRON Collaboration

TRON has taken a major step towards combining artificial intelligence with blockchain technology by partnering with Oraichain, the world’s first AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchains. This partnership solidifies the future of decentralized AI by providing education, incubation, and technical integrations to developers, thereby empowering them to build advanced solutions that utilize and leverage artificial intelligence.

Justin Sun Calls for Unified Crypto Regulation

Tron DAO (TRX) founder and Huobi Global adviser Justin Sun said regulations are beneficial for the crypto industry. and added that a globally unified rule would complement the spirit of blockchain in an exclusive interview he gave CNBC.

TRON DAO Launches Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development Fund

As the interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is witnessing revival, both in the mainstream as well as in the cryptocurrency sector, the decentralized autonomous organization behind the TRON (TRX) ecosystem has announced the establishment of a $100 million Artificial Intelligence Development Fund.

TRON DAO Establishes Artificial Intelligence Development Fund

TRON DAO is encouraging the blending of artificial intelligence technology with blockchain technology, announcing last week the establishment of a $100M USD Artificial Intelligence Development Fund. Four areas of focus have been initially identified: A.I. Service Payment Platform, A.I. Infused Oracles, A.I. Informed Investment Management Services, and A.I. Generated Content. However, innovators and developers whose imaginations arrive at further use cases should absolutely consider applying for funding and pitching their unique ideas, as well. 

TRON DAO Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

TRON DAO, a community-governed DAO dedicated to accelerating the decentralization of the internet via blockchain technology and dApps, today announced that it has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). As an EEA member, TRON DAO will collaborate with EEA and its members, the leading business adopters, innovators and leaders within the Ethereum ecosystem, to accelerate the pace of Ethereum business advancements and adoption. 

TRON DAO Ventures to Empower Elite Blockchain Startups

TRON DAO Ventures (TDV) exists to discover elite startups, invest profoundly, optimize strategically, then exit at an empowering moment.