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The Next Big Crypto Cycle

Every down market in crypto gave birth to some new innovation that fueled the next up market. The next wave of growth, we believe, will be fueled by reward tokens.

Analysis: A Binance Listing Adds +41% on Crypto Prices

I analyzed a total of 26 coins and tokens that were listed on Binance over the last 1.5 years. I show you how listing on Binance exchange affects the prices of cryptocurrencies.

Why Do We Use ERC Tokens

For this article, we will all learn the different token standards — ERC Tokens, what they do, how important they are in cryptocurrencies, and why there are different types that exist.

Over 117K Scam Tokens in 2022! New Solidus Labs Report

The Rug Pull Report 2022 by Solidus Labs reports on how scammers have tricked users this year. The number of scams has increased tenfold compared to 2020.