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From Musk's Dog to Binance.US Listing: A Comprehensive Examination of FLOKI Inu and Its Tokenomics

Binance.US has added FLOKI to its list of supported coins, which enables users to trade FLOKI against USD and USDT on the platform.

PancakeSwap DAO Passes Proposal to Reduce CAKE Tokenomics Emissions for Real Yield and Long-Term Stakers

The "aggressive reduction" option will adjust CAKE Syrup Pool emissions from 6.65 CAKE/block to 3 CAKE/block immediately.

7 Sanity Checks Before Designing a Token

Tokens clearly allow for a very rich design space. But we’re still in the early stages of exploring, let alone improving token design.

Tokenology: Moving Beyond ‘Tokenomics’

“Tokens” are a hot-button topic for those in crypto and web3. Even beyond web3, tokens are capturing mindshare from anyone interested in art, cryptography, design, economics, gaming, math, psychology, and more.

Following Brand Upgrade, BitKeep Sets Sights on Building Ecosystem, Independent Tokenomics and Preserving the Rights of All BKB Holders

Following Bitget's investment in BitKeep, the Web3 multi-chain wallet has announced that it will continue to function as an independent entity both operationally and structurally, Cointime reported.

Blockchain and Sustainable Development: Exploring the Intersection of Innovation and Impact

Tokenization has the potential to incentivize and facilitate positive behavior that aligns with sustainability and regenerative principles. By creating a more transparent, accessible, and accountable financial system, tokenization can help to drive positive change and create a more planet-positive future.

MakerDAO Faces Criticism Over Tokenomics Plan Amidst High-Stakes US Treasury Investment Strategy

MakerDAO, the governance token behind the fifth most popular stablecoin DAI, is contemplating an increase in its United States Treasury bond investments to $1.25 billion from its previous allocation of $500 million.

Tokenomics vs Tokenization: Understanding the Difference

In this short article, we’ll explore the intriguing differences between tokenomics and tokenization.

Tokenomics: The Economics of Digital Assets and Why It Matters

As the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets continues to evolve, tokenomics will remain an important field for investors, developers, and enthusiasts alike.

Hacken Doubles Market Share with New Tokenomics Solution, Raises HAI Value

Web3 security company Hacken has released the Hacken HAI Tokenomics update on March 1 — and it’s quite striking.