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Cracking the Code: Delving into the Elaborate Scheme Behind BabyDogecoin's Flash Loan Attack"

We've detected BabyDogecoin on BSC was attacked by the flash loan with a loss of ~$157,000

Founder’s Field Guide to Token Market Making

The opacity and complexity of cryptocurrency market making can be daunting. Despite this, ensuring liquidity is critical for the growth and stability of token economies.

Weekly Meme Tokens May 22 - May 28

$BEN and $PSYOP has been on the list for two weeks in a row, did you buy in?

Who Will Be the Next Target After Tornado Cash Governance Attack?

The approval of a malicious proposal and the destruction and recreation of the proposal contract by the attacker contribute to the big loss.

Gritti: In the post-StepN era, Move to Earn should probably be driven by innovation

Gritti is a decentralized social fitness app created by runners for runners, aiming to gamify running and incentivize users to stay active and healthy. It features a dual token system, a Metaphysical Certification System, and a variety of game modes, including a multiplayer stake run mode.

What Are Tokens Being Used For?

This article helps you make sense of token through our token taxonomy.

How to Tokenize an Asset: A Step-by-Step Guide to Asset Tokenization

To tokenize an asset, it is necessary to create a digital representation of the asset as a token on a blockchain.

7 Sanity Checks Before Designing a Token

Tokens clearly allow for a very rich design space. But we’re still in the early stages of exploring, let alone improving token design.

Tokenology: Moving Beyond ‘Tokenomics’

“Tokens” are a hot-button topic for those in crypto and web3. Even beyond web3, tokens are capturing mindshare from anyone interested in art, cryptography, design, economics, gaming, math, psychology, and more.

What Are Metaverse Tokens

A metaverse is a virtual world where you can interact with others and with digital objects. Just like all worlds populated with a variety of people, metaverses need economies.