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Acala’s Journey in Review & The Road Ahead in 2023

2022 brought a tumultuous run of black swan events ranging from Terra to Three Arrows to macro market recession to FTX’s historic fraud.

S. Korean Authorities Confirm Terra’s Co-Founder Do Kwon is Hiding in Serbia

Korean authorities have found that Terra’s co-founder is hiding out in Serbia and will ask the Serbian government to join in the investigation.

US Prosecutors Are Examining Whether SBF Orchestrated Terra’s Collapse

US prosecutors are also investigating whether Sam Bankman-Fried is responsible for the collapse of the Terra ecosystem in May.

Tether, USD Coin, Binance USD, Dai, or Terrausd: Which Stablecoin Is the Best?

Which stablecoins are decentralized? Which stablecoin is the safest? Which stablecoin is the best?