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Why Cairo 1.0 ?

The Cairo 1.0 panel covered various aspects of StarkNet, Cairo, Sierra, and the ongoing improvements and optimizations of these technologies.

Tested on Ethereum, StarkWare’s Zero-Knowledge Proofs Are Now Live on Bitcoin

The ZeroSync Association, a non-profit organisation based in Zug, Switzerland, has launched a new software development kit (SDK) that integrates zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) into the Bitcoin network. The system offers users the ability to validate Bitcoin network transactions without downloading large amounts of blockchain history or relying on third parties. The ZeroSync product offers faster access to the Bitcoin blockchain and provides a method for compressing transaction histories. The system features the Cairo programming language created by Israeli start-up StarkWare, and uses ZKPs that do not require a trusted setup, while claiming to be more scalable than zk-SNARKs in use by other cryptocurrencies such as Zcash. ZeroSync initial supporters include Lightning Labs among others, and intends to offer a better user experience at a more affordable price than standard software for the Bitcoin protocol.

Chainlink Oracle, Data Feeds Coming to StarkNet Ecosystem

Blockchain scaling technology firm StarkWare is set to partner with Chainlink Labs to bring oracle services, data and price feeds to the StarkNet ecosystem.

Starkware Plans to Open Source Key Tech Linked to Starknet Prover

At the Starkware Sessions 2023 event, held at the Cameri Theatre in Tel Aviv, Israel, Starkware co-founder Eli Ben-Sasson informed the audience that the company intends to open source “key tech” linked to the Starknet Prover. During the event, the co-founder of the Ethereum scaling project stated that this marks a “significant step for scaling Ethereum and cryptography.”

StarkWare to Open Source Its Ethereum Scaling Solution

StarkWare – a company focused on Ethereum scaling – will open-source its Zero-Knowledge (ZK) software.

ZK Tech Developer Nil Foundation Raises $22 Million at a $220 Million Valuation

The Nil Foundation, which is written as =nil; Foundation, has raised $22 million in a round led by Polychain Capital. The round, which closed toward the end of last year, brings the foundation’s valuation to $220 million and sees participation from other investors including Blockchain Capital, Starkware and Mina Protocol, according to the release.

StarkWare Rolls Out Open-Source Client Papyrus for StarkNet

StarkWare has debuted another full node client for its scaling solution StarkNet called Papyrus, which is written in the Rust programming language. This will enable a more diverse set of implementations of the scaling solution, potentially bolstering security and decentralization.

StarkWare’s Cairo Upgrades to Rust-Inspired Cairo 1.0

StarkWare, a scaling solution provider, tweets about the new launch of their first public version of Cairo 1.0. However, Cairo was first brought into public in 2020, which efficiently wrote STARK-provable programs. However, the new version Cairo 1.0 is a Rust-inspired language, which would help developers write the codes seamlessly, efficiently, and safely.

Starkware Launches Native Token STRK on Ethereum, but It's Not Yet Tradable

Starkware deployed its native token STRK on the Ethereum network. The STRK token is currently in a “no-trade status” and it “will remain in place until further notice by the StarkNet Foundation,” Starkware wrote in a Nov. 16 blog post. A date for when trading will start has not been released.