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Over 90,000 Validators Waiting to Provide Validation Services on Ethereum

More than 90,000 validators are waiting to provide protocol validation services on Ethereum, causing congestion for validators to enter and begin staking in the protocol. This means a validator entering the queue today must wait more than 46 days to be activated and begin its tasks.

What Is Liquid Staking?

Liquid staking provides all of the benefits of traditional staking services while unlocking the value of staked assets for use as collateral across the DeFi ecosystem.

Ethereum Staking Can Reveal Your IP Address

According to an Ethereum expert, ETH staking can reveal sensitive information about the staker. Bankless podcast discussed what comes after Ethereum Shapella upgrade.

Crypto Morning Briefing: Alibaba Cloud Builds Metaverse Launchpad on Avalanche

Arbitrum’s Chronos Reaches $217M TVL With Staking, Becomes 8th Largest DEX; Decentralized Exchange SushiSwap Rolls Out V3 Liquidity Pool on 13 Chains; Deloitte Enters the Polkadot Ecosystem To Issue Reusable Digital Credentials

PepeCoin Warns Users of Scams and Fakes, Urges Caution to Safeguard Assets

May 3 (Cointime) - PepeCoin has issued a warning to its users regarding potential scams and imitations of the cryptocurrency. The tweet reminds users that PepeCoin will never offer any airdrops, staking, or links to connect their wallets, and advises them to stay safe and protect their assets.

PepeCoin Issues Warning to Users Against Scams and Imitations, Confirms No Airdrops, Staking, or Wallet Links

"PEPE will never be having any airdrops, staking, or links for you to connect your wallet to." the team said.

Lido and OKX Wallet Forge Partnership to Enhance Liquid Staking Experience

Leading liquid staking provider Lido has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with OKX Wallet, an all-encompassing crypto wallet designed for multiple platforms.

Crypto Evening Briefing: Ethereum Gas Fee Jumped Due to Memecoin Frenzy With Mixed Comments on Network Usability

Ethereum's gas fees have reached a new multi-month high due to a growing memecoin frenzy, resulting in a surge in daily revenue for the network.

Staking Provider Raises $23M From Big-Name Investors to Drive Institutional Offering

Staking service provider has received $23m in funding from crypto heavyweights Jump Crypto, Bybit and Sygnum. P2P is developing a new infrastructure platform catering to intermediaries, which capitalises on the recent Shanghai upgrade of the Ethereum network that allows users to withdraw assets they have "staked." P2P plans to use the funding to develop blockchain infrastructure that enhances the user experience in staking as well as researching and developing expansion initiatives.