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Crypto Evening Briefing: Saudi Arabia’s $620B Wealth Fund Has Backed Crypto-Friendly VCs

Saudi Arabian wealth fund Sanabil now discloses its investments across the venture capital space, and many of them are into crypto.

Tokyo Stock Exchange Operator JPX Acquires 5% Stake in Nomura’s BOOSTRY Blockchain Venture

JPX, the operator of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, has acquired a 5% stake in BOOSTRY, a blockchain infrastructure company founded by Nomura and Nomura Research Institute (NRI), in which SBI has a minority interest. BOOSTRY provides a platform for tokenized securitized products and corporate bonds, and JPX plans to develop other services in conjunction with the ibet for Fin consortium.

Crypto Evening Briefing: Ethereum MEV Bot Gets Attacked for $20M

A major Ethereum MEV (maximal extractable value) bot has been targeted in an attack, resulting in the loss of almost $20 million.

Nomura-Backed Komainu to Offer Segregated Crypto Collateral Product for Institutions

Komainu, the cryptocurrency custody joint venture between Nomura, Ledger, and CoinShares, is offering institutional clients a regulated and segregated collateral management product called Komainu Connect. The offering allows clients to deploy their digital assets in collateralization scenarios while remaining in segregated custody and verifiable on chain. Komainu's head of strategy, Sebastian Widmann, said that the focus of Komainu from day one was to stay in the custodial space and not take counterparty risk offering trading or lending services. The collateral management service allows clients to have specific wallets within Komainu with visibility to third-party liquidity providers and exchanges for trading on venue, with Komainu handling the settlement. Komainu has also scaled up its staking service to coincide with the much-anticipated Ethereum Shanghai hard fork on April 12.

Nomura’s Laser Digital Invests in DeFi Protocol Infinity Exchange

Laser Digital, the crypto subsidiary of Japanese financial services giant Nomura, invested in Infinity Exchange, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol for institutional lending and borrowing.

Trading Infrastructure Orderly Network Receives Strategic Investment from Laser Digital

Orderly Network, a decentralized trading infrastructure built on the NEAR blockchain, has completed fundraising from Laser Digital, a crypto subsidiary of global financial services group, Nomura.