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Bitcoin Payments Platform Strike Brings Lightning-Based Remittance Payments to Africa

Bitcoin payments platform Strike has now expanded to Africa, enabling instant and low-cost remittances to the continent by leveraging its new “Send Globally” feature.

Latest Crypto Regulation News in Japan, Africa, US, UK, Russia, and More

Bank of Japan to run CBDC experiments with country’s megabanks, IMF calls for tighter crypto regulation in Africa, FTX stake in US bank raises concerns about banking loopholes, UK lawmakers support easy seizure of crypto linked to terrorist activity, Russia intends to launch a national crypto exchange.

Ripple Partners With Africa-Focused Remittances and Payments Firm MSF Africa

Ripple, the United States-based tech firm, has said its crypto solution known as “on-demand liquidity” is set to help MSF Africa “streamline real-time mobile payments for customers in 35 countries.” The evolution of Ripple’s partnership with MSF Africa, which has 800 payment corridors across the continent, will ostensibly see the whole region getting a chance to reap “the financially inclusive benefits.”