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BeWater Web3 Innovation Challenge: Empowering Chinese Entrepreneurs to Explore the Potential of Web3

The BeWater Web3 Innovation Challenge is worth paying attention to for all Chinese entrepreneurs who are passionate about Web3.

MetaTrust and CrossSpace Partner to Strengthen Cybersecurity in Web3

MetaTrust and CrossSpace recognize this need and have decided to join forces to create a community that will work towards securing the Web3 ecosystem.

MetaTrust Labs Announces Strategic Partnership with BingX

MetaTrust Labs (short for "MetaTrust"), founded by the global renowned research team in Web3 developer security tools, is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership with BingX.

MetaTrust and Dorahacks Partnership Supports the Growth of Emerging Blockchain Projects and Developers

MetaTrust and Dorahacks announced a partnership to provide comprehensive and efficient security and compliance solutions for developers in the global Web3 industry.
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DevSecOps & Web3 Security — All You Need To Know

MetaTrust brings developers the complete and best security development SaaS tools to build a secure and prosperous web3 ecosystem.

ABCDE: Why we lead invest in MetaTrust.

MetaTrust is the world’s first suite of builder-first Web3 security solutions covering the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

MetaTrust: The Key to Web3 Security Is Vigilant and Continual Reassessment, Automatic Code Security Scanning Can Build the First Moat

MetaTrust provides automated code auditing services for Web3 builders, bringing code auditing forward to the early development stage. The "auditing as you develop" feature achieves Shift Left testing & security, which helps builders to identify vulnerable codes at the foremost time.