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Symbiosis Integrates zkSync: ‘Natural Evolution’ of Scaling Solutions

Cross-chain automated market maker Symbiosis has integrated layer-2 scaling protocol zkSync to improve speed and reduce fees of token swaps on its platform. The integration of zkSync enables one-click swaps from Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB, Telos, and other blockchains into zkSync and back, while also supporting any-to-any native swaps. The additional functionality also removes the need for users to switch between different wallets and interfaces. Symbiosis co-founder Nick Avramov believes that ZK rollups could outcompete optimistic rollup solutions and that cross-chain players and interoperability layers must support ZK solutions as soon as possible. Symbiosis has processed over $100 million in total transaction volume in stablecoins, serves over 12,000 unique wallet addresses, and an average of 3,000 daily transactions.

Market-makers: The Recluses through Cycles

Although the market-making business in crypto is not inherently distinct from that in traditional finance, there is a world of difference in terms of operations, technology, risk management and regulation.

Crypto Evening Briefing: More Than 80 Firms Express Interest in Establishing Presence in Hong Kong

As of end-February 2023, Invest Hong Kong has received expressions of interest from over 80 virtual asset-related Mainland and foreign companies in establishing their presence in Hong Kong.

Market Maker DWF Labs Invests $20M in DeFi Liquidity Protocol Synthetix

Market maker and investment firm DWF Labs is making a $20 million investment in on-chain liquidity and derivatives trading protocol Synthetix.

All about Liquidity: How Crypto Exchanges Work with Market Makers

How crypto exchanges attract more users and excel from the competition? The competencies can be trading pairs, trading cost, security, liquidity, UI/UX, earn... Among which liquidity is one key factor that institutions would consider when choosing crypto trading venues.

GSR Pledges $10 Million to Its Philanthropic Social Impact Foundation

GSR, the crypto market maker founded by former Goldman Sachs executives, will launch the GSR Foundation with a $10 million pledge the company said will be used to address technological barriers encountered by marginalized communities.

Market Maker B2C2 Teams With Blockdaemon, Stakewise to Provide Ethereum Staking Liquidity

Crypto market maker B2C2 has teamed up with blockchain infrastructure firm Blockdaemon and staking protocol Stakewise to provide liquidity for staked ether (sETH), according to an emailed announcement shared with CoinDesk.

Wintermute is Now One of the Biggest Market Makers in Crypto and Has Birthed 36 Millionaires

Wintermute, a leading global crypto market maker, has paid its 36 British staff a total of $83 million in 2021, suggesting that the crypto company gave birth to 36 new millionaires.