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JPMorgan To Acquire Troubled First Republic Bank

JP Morgan Chase has acquired all assets of First Republic Bank (FRC) after the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation closed FRC on May 1. JPMorgan, along with other banks, submitted a bid to acquire the troubled FRC's assets on April 29.

Coinbase, JP Morgan Relationship Intact Amid Regulatory Crackdown

Rising regulatory scrutiny isn't coming between Coinbase and one of its banking partners, JPMorgan Chase. 

Institutional Traders Shifting Attention From Blockchain to AI: JP Morgan

More than half of the institutional traders surveyed by global financial services giant JP Morgan said that artificial intelligence and machine learning will be the most influential technology in shaping the future of trading over the next three years—cited four times more often than blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Coinbase Trading Volume Increases in January While Other Exchanges See Declines: JP Morgan

Trading volume on Coinbase picked up in the early weeks of 2023, while other exchanges saw continuing declines, analysts at J.P. Morgan found, a sign that Coinbase’s reputation as a trustworthy exchange is paying off after the collapse of rival exchange FTX.

Davos 2023: JP Morgan CEO Claims Further FED Rate Hikes In Sight

Davos 2023: CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon claimed that the interest rates could go higher, probably more than 5%, than what has been projected by the Federal Reserve as a result of rising inflation.

JP Morgan Analyst Calls on Fed to Stop Hiking Interest Rates

The economy may tip into recession as the Fed raises interest rates past February, predicts the analyst.

‘Crypto Is Effectively Non-existent for Most Large Institutional Investors’, Says JP Morgan Exec

In a recent interview, Jared Cross, a Managing Director who is Head of Institutional Portfolio Strategy at J.P. Morgan, talked about degree of adoption of crypto by institutional investors.

Is JP Morgan Boss Jamie Dimon Gaslighting Us About Bitcoin?

Jamie Dimon compared crypto assets to pet rocks. He argues they are decentralized Ponzi schemes. Should we pay attention to his warnings?

JP Morgan Says 13% of Americans Are Into Crypto, Details Inside

Almost 43 million Americans or 13% of the country’s total population have owned cryptocurrencies at some point in their lives, according to recent JPMorgan Chase research.

JP Morgan Believes Regulation Will Lead to Convergence of Crypto, TradFi

Wallstreet banking giant JP Morgan & Chase believes there are significant changes coming to the crypto industry in 2023 in the form of regulation, which will likely cause a convergence between crypto and the traditional financial industry, according to its latest Global Markets Strategy report.