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Does the Metaverse require large-scale infrastructure?

The article discusses the need for large-scale infrastructure in the Metaverse and introduces iPollo as a service provider for such infrastructure. It also briefly mentions iPollo's compatibility with Ethereum and its future plans, including the launch of the mainnet and the establishment of the Metaverse Academy.

iPollo and BitMart Jointly Host First Ever Campus Web3 Talks at Stanford University

The Campus Web3 Talks hosted by iPollo and BitMart successfully debuted at Stanford University on May 4, organized by the Stanford Blockchain Club.

BitMart Will Sponsor Consensus 2023 and Bring A Series of Luxury Events Together with iPollo to the Web3 Community on Apr. 26-28

Join us at Consensus at booth #1022 to meet the BitMart team and collect a bunch of AMAZING BitMart swag!

iPollo Meta Girls Party Successfully Held During Hong Kong Web3 Festival

On April 11, iPollo successfully hosted Meta Girls Party, sponsored by Huobi, during Hong Kong Web3 Festival. The party brought together many honored guests and outstanding Web3 female representatives to spend a wonderful night.

2023 iPollo Eco Conference Successfully Held in Wuzhen

From April 6th to 7th, iPollo Eco Conference was successfully held in Permanent Site of World Internet Conference, Wuzhen.

iPollo Has Released a Metaverse Evaluation Reference Criteria System

iPollo public chain has released a Metaverse Evaluation Reference Criteria System to provide relevant reference criteria for the Metaverse space from 9 aspects such as technology, economy, art, function, etc. This criterion will be used for a series of training in iPollo Metaverse Institute to enable metaverse builders to understand and utilize this Evaluation Reference Criteria System. The Metaverse Space is different from other 3D scenes such as games, and it must first achieve persistence, according to iPollo chief scientist Marvin. The Reference Criteria are designed to land technical implementation details for the Metaverse Space, which involves avatars and objects with AI capabilities. iPollo expects to receive suggestions from the metaverse development community to support and continuously improve the Criteria.

iPollo Developer Tools Have Preliminarily Completed Support for the Smart Contract System of Metaverse Applications

iPollo developer tools have preliminarily completed support for the smart contract system of Metaverse Applications like Avatar, accessories, metaverse space, and so on.

iPollo Integrates AIGC as an Important Layer2 Tool

With the integration of AIGC as an important Layer2 tool, the iPollo public chain has allowed developers to better create the metaverse with the help of AIGC。

iPollo Integrates AIGC as an Important Layer 2 Tool

iPollo's elastic computing network now supports the inference of stable diffusion machine learning models, allowing for the generation of patterns from the text that can be directly minted as NFTs. With the integration of AIGC as an important Layer 2 tool, the iPollo public chain has allowed developers now to better create the metaverse with the help of AIGC, which provides a wide range of possibilities for the creation of unique and innovative metaverse experiences. Whether it's the development of new games, virtual worlds, or social media platforms, AIGC has become an essential tool for bringing the metaverse to life in new and exciting ways.

Oasis, iPollo’s Ecological Partner, Has Been Fully Upgraded to Oasis Origin

Oasis, iPollo’s ecological partner, has been fully upgraded to Oasis Origin, which has integrated CyberConnect Profile and MPC Wallet. In the future, it will also launch new features focusing on Web3 social and activity scenarios at the Binance Hackathon. With the further reduction of on-chain rendering and storage costs, it is believed that the metaverse social with thousands of people on the same screen will become the next industry trend.