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Instagram is currently experiencing a malfunction around 6pm Eastern Time in the United States.

Instagram is currently experiencing an outage, with users reporting errors and a frozen feed. The outage began around 6PM ET and has been reported by over 175,000 users on DownDetector. Other services belonging to Instagram's parent company Meta appear to be unaffected. There is no indication of when the issue will be resolved, and Instagram's help page and social media accounts have not provided any updates.

Instagram's New App Could Be Here By June

Instagram is reportedly developing a new text-based app for creators and public figures, codenamed P92 or Project 92. The app will be compatible with other apps like Mastodon and have a centralized feed showcasing followers and recommended content. Users can post text updates up to 500 characters, attach links, photos, and videos up to five minutes long, engage with likes, replies, and reposts. Creator controls and account safety features will also be available. There are currently no set plans for monetization being shared yet. Additionally, Tarte's CEO faced criticism after recording a GRWM video in response to claims of bias against the brand towards creators of color on influencer trips.

Meta Stock Pops 14% As Focus on Facebook, Instagram Pays Off

Traders seem to appreciate Meta's prioritization of its core business lines during the first quarter of 2023.

Meta Says 40% of Instagram Content Is AI-Recommended; Retains Metaverse Focus

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that AI already drives content discovery. He noted that, on Facebook and Instagram, 20% of user feed content is suggested by AI and comes from accounts that the user does not follow. He said that this makes up 40% of the content seen on Instagram.

NFT Project Azuki Regains Control of Hacked Instagram Account, Meta Investigating

Azuki, a PFP project featuring 10,000 anime-inspired NFTs, has successfully regained control of its Instagram account.

Facebook and Instagram to Discontinue Support for Digital Collectibles Starting April 11, 2023

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, opened NFT sharing on both platforms to all US users on September 2022.

Crypto Morning Briefing: Meta Plans To Use Generative AI To Create Social Media Ads by 2022

Dubai Regulator Demands Binance Provide Info on Ownership; Binance Rejected Justin Sun’s Offer to Buy His Huobi Stake; OKX and Google Cloud Host Successful Hackathon for Decentralized Applications on OKT Chain

Meta Plans To Use Generative AI To Create Social Media Ads by 2022

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, plans to use its proprietary generative AI to create ads for companies by the end of this year. Currently a major revenue stream for Meta, the company wants to use artificial intelligence to design ads for brands that advertise on Meta's social platforms.

Crypto Morning Briefing: AllianceBlock Partners With ABO Digital To Provide Alternative Financing for Crypto Projects

Instagram NFT Initiative’s Swift Death Mints Mourners, Mehs; Crypto Exchange Orca to Block US Traders From Website; Crypto Custody Firm Copper Shelves Enterprise Business; Web3 Company Orange Comet Taps 13-Year-Old Artist Doodle Boy for NFT Drop; Yuga Labs Summons Fans to Mint HV-MTL NFTs, Prices Soar on OpenSea

Instagram NFT Initiative’s Swift Death Mints Mourners, Mehs

Meta’s decision to test an initiative that allowed artists to sell NFTs on Instagram was widely considered a positive development for the struggling industry. Now that the tech giant has pulled the plug on the project, web3 enthusiasts’ reaction to the sudden move is all over the place.