# ICOs


Crypto Fair Launches — The Better ICOs

Fair launches, at least in theory, are the answer to one of the biggest criticisms of classic ICOs — the often unequal sale of tokens.

Initial Coin Offerings Deserve a Rethink

ICOs do not deserve their bad reputation – and can be a viable way for retail investors to take part in the growth of early stage startups and expand capital access for U.S. firms, if regulation is reconsidered.

Nearly Half of SEC Crypto Enforcement Actions in 2022 Were Against ICOs

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) brought a record number of crypto-related enforcement actions last year, up 50% as compared to 2021, per a report released by consulting firm Cornerstone Research.

New Nigerian Central Bank Document Discusses Regulation of Stablecoins and ICOs

According to a recently unveiled document, the Nigerian central bank will in the future be open to developing a regulatory framework for potential implementations of stablecoins. The document also discusses the regulation of initial coin offerings (ICOs) and how these can become “a new way to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) and raise capital.”