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Bitcoin's Energy Transparency Offers Unique Insight, But Value vs Energy Debate Overlooks Potential Benefits, says Hut 8 CEO

The transparency of Bitcoin's hashrate, which captures the computational force being used across the network, creates a degree of transparency innate to Bitcoin mining, according to Hut 8 CEO Jaime Leverton. This transparency allows for easy tracking of Bitcoin miners' energy usage, unlike the traditional banking system or hard metal mining.

Coinbase, Hut 8 and Other Crypto Stocks Rise as Bitcoin Surpasses $26K

The shares of crypto exchange Coinbase (COIN) and several crypto-related stocks were rising Friday as the price of bitcoin surpassed $26,000, up 6% over the last 24 hours.

Crypto Winter Ends Era of Bitcoin Mining ‘Hodlers’

The last publicly listed bitcoin miner to pursue a 100% “hodl” strategy since the bull market, Hut 8 Mining (HUT), said last week that it finally gave in and sold 188 bitcoins in February to fund operations.

Bitcoin Miner Hut 8 Talks Operational Issues and USBTC Merger in Earnings Call

Operational issues across its bitcoin mining sites are weighing on Hut 8 Mining (HUT) as it tries to complete what would be one of the largest deals in the sector – the company's merger with U.S. Bitcoin Corp.

Hut 8 Reports Annual Revenue Decline, Increase in Mined Bitcoins

North American crypto miner Hut 8 reported annual revenue of CA$150.7 million ($109 million) — a decrease of CA$23.1 million compared to the previous year — and a 65% increase in bitcoin holdings.

Cryptocurrency Miners Are Beginning To Lead the Next Stage of AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly works its complex magic on one sector of the economy after another, there is an increasingly pressing need for compute resources to power all this machine intelligence.

Hut 8 Merger Would've Happened Even Without FTX or Crypto Turmoil, Says CEO

Crypto exchange FTX’s collapse and overall crypto market turmoil were not key factors in the decision to merge crypto mining firm Hut 8 with US Bitcoin Corp., according to Hut 8 CEO Jamie Leverton. On Feb. 8, Leverton said that the merger was mainly about providing diversified revenue and helping scale the combined businesses, stating:

Bitcoin Miners Hut 8, US Bitcoin Corp to Merge in All-Stock Deal

Major Bitcoin miners Hut 8 Mining and U.S. Bitcoin Corp today announced a merger which will bring the two companies together to create a North America crypto mining giant. 

Crypto Mining Firms Hut 8 and US Bitcoin Plan Merger

Canada-based cryptocurrency mining company Hut 8 Mining has announced plans to merge with U.S. Bitcoin to form Hut 8 Corp, or "New Hut".

Bitcoin Miners Hut 8, US Bitcoin Corp. Announce Merger

Bitcoin mining firms Hut 8 Mining (HUT) and U.S. Bitcoin Corp. (USBTC) agreed to merge into a single company with access to about 825 megawatts (MW) of energy capacity.