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Germany to Approve ‘Crypto Shares’ Issuance Regulations

Germany has approved the issuance of "crypto shares" under its new Future Financing Act. Public corporations can now choose to issue their stocks as conventional or electronic shares, which can be registered on a blockchain to create crypto shares. The new legislation aims to bring together regulations from corporation laws, capital markets, and tax laws. Germany has been regarded as one of the most crypto-friendly nations in Europe, and its open-minded regulations are seen as a "breath of fresh air" compared to the ongoing crackdown in the US. Earlier this week, Germany's second-largest stock exchange, Boerse Stuttgart Digital, received a license for a crypto custody business.

US, Germany shut ChipMixer for alleged ties to US$3 bln crypto laundering

U.S. and German authorities announced Wednesday that they have shuttered ChipMixer, a cryptocurrency service that allegedly laundered more than US$3 billion in crypto since 2017.

Germany and U.S. Seize Over $46M Crypto Tied to ChipMixer Investigation: Europol

Authorities from Germany and the U.S. have seized up to 44 million euros ($46.3 million) from ChipMixer, a noted cryptocurrency mixer, according to the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol).

Germany Says No Threat To Its Financial Stability After SVB Collapse

Germany's finance watchdog said Monday the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank in the United States posed no financial threat in Germany, amid market jitters over contagion fears.

German Regulator BaFin Suggests a ‘Case-by-Case’ Approach for NFTs

Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany (BaFin) is not ready to classify nonfungible tokens (NFTs) as securities yet. The Agency suggests classifying the NFTs on a case-by-case basis. 

DeFiChain To Sponsor the National Fighting Championship in Germany

DeFiChain, the world’s leading blockchain on the Bitcoin network dedicated to bringing decentralized financial applications and services to everyone, is delighted to announce that its community has voted to sponsor the National Fighting Championship (NFC) this year. The NFC is the German version of the widely known UFC, in charge of the mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting league in Germany.

German Court Denies Crypto Owner’s Attempt To Claim $3.6 Million As ‘Data Set’

A plaintiff in Germany who attempted to argue that $3.6 million in crypto gains were not taxable income but instead constituted a “data set” lost the case in front of Germany’s largest financial court on Feb. 28.

Crypto Custodian Finoa Gets License Approvals From German Regulator BaFin

Cryptocurrency custodian Finoa has received three license approvals from Germany's financial regulator BaFin, going against the grain of regulatory clampdowns and uncertainly happening elsewhere in the crypto space.

Germany’s Second Largest Bank to Offer Crypto Custody Services to Institutionals

DZ Bank – the second-largest German bank by assets – is all set to offer digital asset custody services.