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Over 500K Monthly Active Users: Explore How Gameta Boosts Web3 Adoption Through Hyper-Casual Games and Play-to-Earn Strategies

In April, Gameta successfully secured $5 million in seed funding, with prominent institutions like Binance Labs, Arcane Group, Labs, Ceras Ventures, and Huobi Ventures contributing to the investment.

WEMIX and Hub71 Partner to Accelerate Growth Opportunities for Web3 Startups

Korean blockchain developer WEMIX and Abu Dhabi's global tech ecosystem, Hub71, have signed an MoU to create and accelerate growth opportunities for their respective portfolio companies and Web3 startups. WEMIX startups will have the opportunity to join Hub71's community of over 200 startups and gain access to its range of value-add programs and incentives.

Arcade Meets Blockchain: Ordz Games Combines GameFi, Ordinals, and BRC20 Tokens

Ordz Game combines multiple innovative elements such as GameFi, Ordinals, and BRC-20 tokens to create a unique experience for users.

PancakeSwap (CAKE) becomes first DEX to launch its own GameFi

According to the official statement by the PancakeSwap (CAKE) team, its pioneering GameFi platform Pancake Protectors kicks off in mainnet. The new project invites all enthusiasts of decentralized video gaming to exciting gameplay with fictional characters, PvP battles for towers, tournaments and so on.

Epic Games Expands Web3 Game Lineup: 20 New Titles Coming Soon!

Currently, Epic Games already has five NFT games available in their marketplace. However, their executive, Steve Allison, has exciting news to share. He revealed their ambitious plan to introduce nearly 20 additional NFT games, expanding the gaming options for enthusiasts and further embracing the potential of blockchain technology. Although Epic Games is not the developer behind the NFT games, Allison states that the games in their lineup are achieving impressive results.

Kana Labs Receives Investment from MARBLEX, Collaborating to Onboard Next Billion Web3 Users

Blockchain firm Kana Labs has received investment from MARBLEX, a GameFi-centered blockchain ecosystem firm. Both companies aim to onboard the next billion users from Web2 to Web3, and Kana Labs' focus on the DeFi market made it an ideal partner for MARBLEX.

STAR DUKE: Can a Strong DeFi Model Unlock the Prosperity of GameFi?

Star Duke is a blockchain game that combines DeFi and NFTs to create a unique Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse.Overall, Star Duke offers an immersive DeFi-powered gaming experience with a focus on sustainability and community involvement.

KARMAVERSE: For GameFi, back to its foundation is the only way to go.

KARMAVERSE is a blockchain-based metaspace game platform aiming to bring back the fun and gameplay elements to the GameFi sector. By integrating multiple game universes, NFT marketplaces, in-game DEX/wallets, and a dynamic balance adjustment system, KARMAVERSE strives to create an engaging gaming experience while incorporating blockchain technology and Play-to-Earn opportunities.

FlerkenS: Moving towards Web3 data democratization

FlerkenS is a blockchain-based data collection platform, aimed at achieving user data autonomy, democratization and tokenization in the Web3 environment

Lifeform Completes $300M B Round Led by IDG Capital

(Cointime,15th May)Lifeform has completed its B round of financing, with IDG Capital leading the investment. The round has resulted in a $300m valuation, and IDG Capital will provide partnerships and co-build a digital citizen world with Lifeform. The platform plans to develop diverse scenarios such as GameFi and metaverse conferences with its users to create an exciting multiverse. This funding boost is expected to help Lifeform expand its ecosystem and stay ahead of competitors. IDG Capital's investment is a significant vote of confidence in Lifeform's business model and long-term growth potential.