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75 Lessons Learned from Live Game Development

I conceived of and shipped live services games to 20 million players; here's what I learned.

Line Next Reveals First Five NFT-Centric Games for Web3 Platform Game Dosi

Line Next, a subsidiary of the company behind the popular Asian social app Line, has announced the release of five new Web3 games on its gaming platform, Game Dosi, in the second half of 2023. The games include Sweet Monster Guardians, Vestria the Last Order, KEROZ, Drawship Kingdom Reverse, and Project GD. The latter is an internally-developed IP that will span multiple games over time. Game Dosi will offer NFT rewards from its forthcoming Project GD game, and players can earn these rewards by completing missions found on the company’s community website. The official launch of Game Dosi is scheduled for May 18, with a membership sale offering gold and platinum-tier NFT passes that grant benefits such as early access to the new games.

MechaFightClub NFT Game Halts Development Due to Regulatory Uncertainty in the US

Irreverent Labs has halted development of its NFT game MechaFightClub due to regulatory uncertainty surrounding crypto in the United States.

Unveiling DetectiveGPT: A Groundbreaking 3D RPG Game With AI NPCs by City From Naught and Magipop DAO

City From Naught, a game AI company, has partnered with the Web3 creator community magipop DAO to develop a 3D detective RPG game using LLM and generative AI, allows players to delve deep into the truth by interacting freely with AI NPCs.

Account Abstraction: Game Changer for Web3 Adoption

How Account Abstraction and smart wallets improve web3 UX and will drive mainstream adoption

Official Announcement: SERAPH Alpha Test. Share to Win $2,000 with 200 Lucky Winners!

The world’s first 3D ARPG loot game, ‘SERAPH’, is about to launch its alpha test!The alpha test of SERAPH will be open from April 11th to 17th. This test is limited, with data-wiping afterwards, and it is completely free to play.

SERAPH: In the Darkness, The World's First Blockchain-based 3D ARPG by Actoz Soft is Launching Soon, Full-wipe Closed Alpha Test Scheduled for Q2 2023!

SERAPH: In the Darkness, the world's first blockchain-based 3D ARPG loot game with a medieval fantasy setting and a dark art style is launching worldwide.