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World Champ Boxer Savannah Marshall Partners With Fight Out Move-to-Earn Platform That’s Raised Nearly $4 Million

UK Boxer Savannah Marshall is honored to team up with Fight Out, a unique move-to-earn platform that gives users the chance to receive rewards simply by exercising at home or in the gym.

New Move to Earn Coin Fight Out Raises $3m to Build Out Web3 App and Gym Fitness Platform

A revolutionary new move-to-earn (M2E) crypto start-up called FightOut has raised a whopping near $3 million in the few weeks since the launch of its token presale. Move-to-earn essentially means that users can earn cryptocurrency by completing movement-based challenges/competitions.

This Move-to-Earn Project Takes Fitness and Gyms Into the Metaverse And CME May Be Taking Notice

The New Web 3.0 health and wellness platform Fight Out is set to revolutionize the fitness space with a new move-to-earn (M2E) model that incentivizes and rewards users for being proactive. The project is in its first presale stage and has raised over $2.79 million in its presale in a matter of weeks.