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The Different Blockchain Generations

Blockchain is commonly associated with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and while that’s not wrong, there’s a lot more to the tech than digital currency. To get into it, we’re going to break down the three blockchain generations and how the technology is evolving.

Does the Crypto Market Have the Strength to Break to the Upside? QCP Capital Weighs In

Trading desk QCP Capital published observations on the crypto industry, revealing some key points to consider for the coming months.

The Merge: What’s Next for Ethereum (ETH) in 2023?

The Merge will cast aside the role of crypto miners and gigantic mining farms, who had previously driven the blockchain to now assign the ‘validators’ who randomly approve transactions and earn a small reward.

How MEV Brought Centralization & Censorship to Ethereum

We will dive deeper into the efforts that are being taken to protect transactions from MEV exploits and the risks these solutions are bringing to the wider Ethereum ecosystem.

Web3 Development Report (Q4 2022): Ethereum Ecosystem and Beyond

Even in an industry known for its relentless pace of innovation and turn-on-a-dime market conditions, the last quarter of 2022 was wilder than anyone could have imagined.

5 Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy in February 2023

Given the strong performance of the majority of assets, Finbold has analyzed the industry thoroughly to determine which cryptocurrencies investors should keep an eye on in February.

Vitalik Buterin:An Incomplete Guide to Stealth Addresses

One of the largest remaining challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem is privacy. By default, anything that goes onto a public blockchain is public.

What Is the Best Ethereum Scaling Solution? Part 4: Validium & Volition

This is part four of a multi-part series exploring Ethereum scaling solutions.

A Developer’s Guide to Securing Ethereum Smart Contracts

We'll cover smart contract security best practices, fail-safe protections, and smart contract analysis tools for hardening smart contract security.

Blockchain and Dapp Adoption Report 2022: Understanding the Evolving Landscape

Our analysis of the dapp adoption in 2022 highlights several key trends in the blockchain ecosystem. One of the most notable is the shift in user behavior from DeFi towards gaming and high-risk dapps. Additionally, we see that NFTs have remained significant, indicating that this sector will continue to expand.