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Floki Forms Strategic Partnership With DWF Labs,DWF Labs Has Purchased $5 Million Worth of FLOKI Tokens

Floki, the people's cryptocurrency and utility token of the Floki Ecosystem, has formed a strategic partnership with DWF Labs, a leading digital asset market maker and multi-stage web3 investment firm.

Crypto Evening Briefing: S Korean MPs to Create Law that Distinguishes CBDCs from Crypto

South Korea is reportedly moving closer to launching a central bank digital currency (CBDC), with a new draft law set to create legal terminology for CBDCs.

ARPA Network Secures Investment From DWF Labs to Fuel Growth of Decentralized Computing Solutions

ARPA Network has announced a multimillion-dollar strategic investment from DWF Labs to transform the blockchain landscape and usher in new standards of privacy, security, and fairness. The collaboration aims to enhance ARPA’s research and development capability of cryptography and blockchain, establish a connection with DWF’s portfolio projects, and facilitate the wider utility of threshold signature scheme across multiple verticals in the blockchain industry. ARPA Network’s threshold BLS signature network provides a reliable infrastructure for verifiable random number generators (RNGs), secure wallets, cross-chain bridges, and decentralized custody across multiple blockchains. The investment from DWF Labs will help to expedite the development of innovative applications built upon its infrastructure, including solutions for gaming, lottery, nonfungible token (NFT) minting, whitelisting, key generation, and blockchain validator task distribution. The partnership will also provide ARPA Network with additional resources and support needed to continue its rapid growth and development, expand its marketing efforts, raise its brand profile, and engage even more diverse audiences across multiple industries.

Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Goes Live; US Court Summons Justin Sun Over SEC Charges | Cointime Weekly Apr.9 – Apr.15

Crypto miner Bitdeer went public on Nasdaq; Twitter will be added to Dogecoin Ponzi scheme litigation; GDAC, Bitrue, Terraport, Yearn Finance hacked; China’s Douyin displays Bitcoin prices in search results...

DWF Labs Is Ruffling Feathers As It Climbs the Ranks of Crypto’s Most Active Investors

DWF Labs is raising eyebrows — and ruffling feathers — as it storms up the charts of the crypto sector’s most active investors.

Medieval Empires Raises $3 Million In Private Funding In The Round Led By Dwf Labs

The blockchain strategy game Medieval Empires has raised $3 million in a recent funding round led by DWF Labs.

DWF Labs Managing Partner Clarifies Use of Floki Tokens and Addresses Accusations of Dumping

Grachev bought 81 billion Floki tokens and sent 57 billion of them to the on-chain wallet.

Crypto Evening Briefing: Twitter Partners With eToro to Let Users Trade Stocks, Crypto As Musk Pushes App Into Finance

Twitter users will be able to access stocks, cryptocurrencies and other financial assets through a partnership with eToro, a social trading company.

EOS Network Lands $60M Investment and Partnership From DWF Labs

DWF Labs, a digital asset market maker and investment firm, has announced an investment deal with the EOS Network Foundation (ENF) worth over $60 million. The deal includes a $45 million EOS token purchase agreement and a $15 million pledge to invest in businesses and projects based on EOS, aimed at expanding and promoting the EOS Network. The collaboration is timely, as the EOS Network is set to unveil its enterprise-grade EOS Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on April 14, which surpasses other networks with over four times more swaps per second. DWF Labs has recently invested in other crypto projects such as Synthetix and

Information Protocol RSS3 Raises $10M via Token Sale to DWF Labs

Information protocol RSS3 has raised $10M via a token sale to DWF Labs, a prolific investor in Web3. RSS3 aims to bridge blockchain technology and AI, search engines, and social media. The protocol has previously received investment from Coinbase, Dragonfly, and Balaji Srinivasan.