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From ‘Likes’ to ‘Rewards’: How Web3 is Disrupting Traditional Social Media Model

The rise of Web3 has led to the emergence of a new generation of social media platforms that are built on blockchain technology. These platforms offer a range of new features and benefits that are not available on traditional social media platforms.

GGslayer: Building the Largest Global Decentralized Gaming Community

GGslayer is a decentralized, global web3 gaming community.

ARPA Network Secures Investment From DWF Labs to Fuel Growth of Decentralized Computing Solutions

ARPA Network has announced a multimillion-dollar strategic investment from DWF Labs to transform the blockchain landscape and usher in new standards of privacy, security, and fairness. The collaboration aims to enhance ARPA’s research and development capability of cryptography and blockchain, establish a connection with DWF’s portfolio projects, and facilitate the wider utility of threshold signature scheme across multiple verticals in the blockchain industry. ARPA Network’s threshold BLS signature network provides a reliable infrastructure for verifiable random number generators (RNGs), secure wallets, cross-chain bridges, and decentralized custody across multiple blockchains. The investment from DWF Labs will help to expedite the development of innovative applications built upon its infrastructure, including solutions for gaming, lottery, nonfungible token (NFT) minting, whitelisting, key generation, and blockchain validator task distribution. The partnership will also provide ARPA Network with additional resources and support needed to continue its rapid growth and development, expand its marketing efforts, raise its brand profile, and engage even more diverse audiences across multiple industries.

The Role of Blockchain in Web3 Development

The internet is undoubtedly one of the most significant aspects of practically all individuals. Indeed, it is rigorous to imagine life without access to the web. additionally, a global epidemic has demonstrated the importance of the Internet in times of crisis.

Decentralized Twitter Alternatives Bluesky and Nostr Gain Popularity, But Face Challenges

Bluesky and Nostr, both decentralized Twitter-like social platforms backed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, are rapidly growing in popularity. Bluesky, which is actually a proof-of-concept front-end to the underlying AT Protocol, released its Android app a few days ago and has seen a significant increase in its user base of about 1,000 to 2,500 new members a day. In contrast, Nostr has more than a dozen apps and services operating on its framework, with as many as 16 million users and 780,000 daily active users according to Nostr.Band. Both platforms are separate from Mastodon and ActivityPub, a long-running decentralized social network and protocol founded in 2016 that has struggled with declining user growth and activity. While Nostr has been embraced by technical communities, Bluesky has drawn a more diverse mix of users. Dorsey is most publicly affiliated with Bluesky, but he is more active on Nostr. Both platforms have faced growing pains in terms of technical issues and conversations surrounding moderation and safety, with demands for the ability to block or mute other users or threads. Meanwhile, on Nostr, a debate has erupted over "Zaps," which are interactions that some users suggest should replace the old-fashioned "like" button entirely.

Abu Dhabi's Financial Free Zone Proposes Legal Framework for Decentralized Economy

The Abu Dhabi Global Market's (ADGM) Registration Authority is seeking feedback on its proposed legislative framework for distributed ledger technology (DLT), targeting disclosures, liquidation, and governance structures. The proposed "DLT Foundations Regulations 2023" aims to set up a tailored legislative framework that considers "features of foundations that might be attractive to developers of DLT projects," which include decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). The proposals also cover reporting, disclosures and publication, as well as insolvency and liquidation measures. The Abu Dhabi and Dubai emirates of the UAE have been working to establish regulations that could attract blockchain and crypto firms to the region. The deadline for providing comments on the proposed framework is May 12.

Utopia Messenger Introduces the ChatGPT Assistant Feature: User’s Personal 24/7 Helper

Utopia Messenger, a fully decentralized messaging platform, has announced the addition of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-powered personal assistant available 24/7 after downloading the app. With ChatGPT, users can get real-time answers to their questions and access helpful information for various tasks, all for free. Utopia Messenger prioritizes privacy and security, ensuring that all conversations with ChatGPT are confidential with features such as end-to-end encryption and anonymous accounts. As a fully decentralized platform, Utopia Messenger empowers users to take control of their data and communications with no central servers. With the addition of ChatGPT, users can have a powerful personal assistant right at their fingertips.

What Are Decentralized Prediction Markets

Decentralized prediction markets are emerging as a powerful tool for forecasting events, leveraging the wisdom of the crowd to generate accurate predictions.

FedML Raises $6M in Funding

Collaborative AI firm FedML has raised $6m in seed and pre-seed funding from investors including Camford Capital, Plug and Play Ventures, AimTop Ventures, Acequia Capital, and LDV Partners. The company, led by CEO Salman Avestimehr and CTO Dr. Chaoyang He, offers an open-source library and enterprise software platform to train, deploy, and customize machine learning models across edge and cloud nodes at any scale. Its distributed MLOps platform enables sharing of data, models, and compute resources in a way that preserves data privacy and security. FedML is used by more than 1,900 developers and 10 large enterprise customers across multiple verticals.

Crypto Evening Briefing: Nasdaq Eyes Crypto Custody Launch by End of Second Quarter

Nasdaq Inc. expects its custody services for digital assets to launch by the end of the second quarter as it joins a growing pool of traditional financial firms that could fill the role of crypto middlemen following a spate of bankruptcies in the industry.