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Stargate DAO Votes to Reduce Exposure to Multichain's Stablecoin Amid Ongoing Issues

The Stargate DAO is considering a proposal to decrease its involvement with a stablecoin issued by Multichain protocol and to separate pools containing the asset from its other pools.

The minimal definition of user agency

Own your ID, own your content, own your contacts.

0xScope: Maximizing the Usage of Data

The article introduces 0xScope, a decentralized knowledge graph protocol for standardizing and analyzing data. It emphasizes the team's vision to simplify data management and reduce costs for data consumers while considering data security.

Government Requests for User Data From Big Tech Increased by 25%: Data

Requests for personal user data from global governments are on the rise, according to a study by Surfshark. The study, which focused on the period between 2013 to 2021, found that there was a year-over-year increase of 38% in 2020 and 25% in 2021. Meta had the most accounts of interest from authorities, with two out of five accounts hosted by Meta being requested over the study period. Apple had the fewest with just 416,000 requested accounts from global authorities. The US requested more than double the accounts per 100,000 users than all countries in the EU combined. The rate of disclosure of user data by tech companies has also increased by nearly 71%, with Apple leading the pack in disclosing such information. The study suggests that data requests are often related to criminal investigations or civil or administrative cases requiring digital data. The rise in data requests has prompted concerns from civil society organizations about encouraging surveillance techniques.

The Data War: Why TikTok’s Ban in the USA is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

How China and Russia are Waging a Modern War of Data, and Why Generation Z Must Take Note

AI-Driven Investment Startup Delphia Acquires Fathom Privacy to Increase Transparency With User Data

Toronto-based FinTech startup Delphia has acquired a United States company to increase the overall transparency of its algorithm-based investment advisor services. On Thursday, Delphia announced that it had completed its acquisition of New York-headquartered Fathom Privacy, a data rights company that packages data collected from consenting users into an easy-to-interpret format to streamline data sharing across apps.

Data Lake's Consent-to-Earn: A Revolutionary Model for Data Monetization?

During the last decade or so, data has become a hot topic and often a controversial one. As a result of Big Tech abuses and government-led collection schemes, people’s data is mined continuously and in ever-increasing amounts. Almost all of this is done without the consent of the individual whose data is being mined, and in some cases even without their knowledge.