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「Trend Research by LD Capital」Reviewing the Dangers and Opportunities In the USDC De-Peg Crisis

This article will explore the performance of lending, trading protocols, and decentralized stablecoin systems that were most affected by the USDC de-peg crisis, as well as potential trading opportunities.

OKX Wallet and Curve Join Forces To Boost Liquidity in DeFi Ecosystem

The strategic cooperation is a significant step towards promoting the development of the Web3 realm.

USDC Trading Dominates Record Day for DeFi Exchanges Uniswap, Curve

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) Uniswap and Curve recorded lifetime high trading volumes over the weekend as traders rushed to exchange token holdings, specifically USD Coin (USDC).

DeFi Protocol Curve’s $500M Stablecoin Pool Hammered As Traders Flee USDC

Curve 3pool, a liquidity pool with over $510 million in USDC, DAI and USDT, is supposed to hold roughly equal balances of all three. But at press time the share of USDT had shrunk to less than 7% while USDC and DAI had ballooned to over 46% apiece.

Curve Yield Farmers Rush to Deploy $60M on Newly Launched Conic Finance, Capture 21% APY on USD Coin

A new tool to capture yields from prominent stablecoin swapping service Curve has attracted over $60 million from depositors just over a week after launch. Conic Finance, which went live Mar. 1, allows users to deposit tokens into its omnipools, a new product that diversifies exposure across the Curve ecosystem while increasing rewards. Each omnipool allocates liquidity of a single asset into different Curve pools. All Curve liquidity provider (LP) tokens get staked on Convex to boost curve (CRV) rewards earnings. Convex (CNX), another Curve ecosystem token, is also rewarded, and so is conic (CNC), Conic’s native token. (Coindesk)

OKX Wallet and Curve Join Forces to Boost Liquidity in DeFi Ecosystem

Curve, a leading decentralized stablecoin exchange on Ethereum, today announces a strategic cooperation with leading self-custodial solution OKX Wallet. The collaboration includes OKX DEX, OKX Wallet’s built-in decentralized exchange, aggregating Curve’s liquidity and OKX Discover, a one-stop platform for discovering decentralized applications, supporting Curve. Additionally, Curve has integrated the OKX Wallet web extension on their website and product, providing users with seamless access to both platforms.

Crypto Market Slides As Total Value Locked in Defi Falls Below $50 Billion Mark

The value of the crypto market has started to slide again after a bullish run-up over the last seven weeks. The total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (defi) has slipped below the $50 billion mark to $49.8 billion. The TVL in defi has fallen by 2.24% over the last 24 hours. During that same timeframe, the top smart contract token economy lost 3.7% against the U.S. dollar.

Top DeFi Dapps To Watch Out for in 2023

Which top DeFi projects are ready to make it big in 2023? The market has had a volatile year, but amidst the challenges many DeFi projects have launched more diverse products to fulfill the increasing needs of different DeFi users. In this article, we introduce the DeFi projects with a strong user base and high revenue in the recent past. And they have the potential to continue this positive trend in the next year.

Curve Has Published a White Paper for Their Stablecoin — crvUSD

The project seems to be an interesting implementation of automatic collateralized stablecoin — a concept that received much criticism after Terra/Luna collapse.