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2022 Year in Review – Crypto Wallet Security Incidents

Malicious actors drained over $3.7 billion worth of assets from Web3 protocols in 2022, representing a 189% increase over the $1.3 billion lost in 2021.

Tutorial: How To Revoke Your Smart Contract Approvals

Protecting crypto wallets goes way beyond keeping seed phrases safe. An often overlooked security measure is checking smart contract approvals connected to your wallet. Periodically revoking your smart contract approvals is a healthy way to protect your wallet safety.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Wallets In Japan

Every year, we evaluate all of the many Cryptocurrency wallets that may be used in Japan. We examined over 50 wallets over a wide range of criteria, including safety, ease of use, pricing, and the currencies they support, to arrive at these recommendations.

Bankrupt Crypto Lender BlockFi Seeks to Return Frozen Assets to Wallet Users

Embattled cryptocurrency lender BlockFi has filed a motion at a U.S. court seeking to release frozen digital assets deposited in its wallet accounts to users.